Sunday, July 07, 2013

Time with self can be therapeutic

Perhaps the single most disease which plagues human race today. It can drive people crazy and can be even suicidal  as indicated by the news papers everyday.

Every-time, I hear -
I was bored as I had no one to enjoy my weekend with.
I got bored this Saturday, there was no one that I could talk to.
I fail to understand why people  try to run away from themselves.
Why do people not talk to themselves? Not hear to yourself?

Loneliness should be oxymoron as we always have ourselves.

When you are alone, close your eyes and put on some music - think about the best day you have had, dream a little and think of what you want to be doing 10 years from now.
Try talking to yourself about the dream that you have or hobby you want to pursue.
Try reading that book which you had bought but have forsaken for the lack of time.

Remember, you are a damn good person and you should love your own company before someone else will enjoy your company.

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