Monday, October 15, 2012

Top 5 noteworthy points in 100 Top Media companies in USA

Ad Age DataCenter publishes this study of top 100 media industry in US. `

Ad Age DataCenter estimates of net U.S. media revenue (Click to enlarge)

Top 5 things that I found interesting in this report are - 

1. Top 5 fastest growing companies are online companies. While 4 are 100% online - LinkedIn, Zynga, Facebook and Hulu - The last one Bank rate uses as main source of its brand offering.

2. Online companies remain to be the highest growing - ~20% in year to date calculations.

3. Print is dwindling! - Magazines growing at -1.7% and Newspapers at -5%

4. Google cloaks in revenues (USD 12 Bn) equal to the Magazine revenues in 100 list (USD 12 Bn) and approzimately equal to Radio and OOH companies

5. YellowPages companies are growing at a loss. Growing at -16%!

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