Sunday, September 16, 2012

Movie Review - Barfi (6.5/10)

Watching Barfi was like going for a picnic on a Sunday. Set in Beautiful Darjeeling, every scene of the movie has stroke of natural beauty which could be great for the 24-7-365 days working brains like us.

The story of the movie is about how a deaf and mute discovers true love in a mentally challenged girl. Yeah, that's it. Somewhere around the intermission, you will feel as if nothing has happened but you would not make a fuss of it as you would have fallen in love with the veneer of comic over a slow story. You would also not complain of the fact that 2 most important actors of India are not going to utter a single coherent word. And by the end, you would have finished the movie with a good feeling.

The movie reminded me of 2 classics -Anil Kapoor starrer Eeshwar in 1989 and Sri Devi starrer Sadma  in 1983. .
Sadma - 1983

Eeshwar - 1989 
Barfi , does not compare much when compared to these classics, in terms of emotional connect or in terms of gripping story but then may be that was not the intention of movie as well.

In the end, Barfi, is all about being too light for family viewing and not for sending any societal message - and it does succeed in that.
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