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Leveraging the comeback of Super Sports person

Yuvraj, One of the most famous sports person in Indian subcontinent was recently injured and was back after a long gap. Birla Sun Life leveradged the situation by the following ad -

Derrick Rose , plays for Chicago Bulls in NBA was injured in of the most crucial times and was out for the entire season. Look at this ad made by Adidas to mark his return

My take -

I liked both the campaigns. Birla Sun Life must have paid millions for Yuvraj endorsement and had full rights to bank on the situation. In fact, this was not the first ad, they had series of ads.

Which one do you like more?

Movie Review - Barfi (6.5/10)

Watching Barfi was like going for a picnic on a Sunday. Set in Beautiful Darjeeling, every scene of the movie has stroke of natural beauty which could be great for the 24-7-365 days working brains like us.

RIP Motorola (India)

As per Medianama, Motorola is shutting its India operations.

I thought they already did that long back as I don't remember seeing their products or advertising for quite some time.

I was once a great Motorola fan but was distraught and extremely annoyed with their services. 

It is almost incredible to believe that this was one of the most innovative companies at one time - having invented the first handheld mobile phone, being #1 in mobile phones till 1998, etc.

This is one of the best case study of what happens when a brand loses its touch with consumers and is unable to live up-to its positioning (of innovation.)

Good bye Motorola!