Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Glass is half full or half empty?

Glass - Half full or empty? - It is all in your mind!
You would never know. But no living day passes when you are not fuddled with this question again and again. You may face it in the office while brooding over the salary just debited in your account , when you have just been said NO by that dream girl (or boy) of yours or even while parking your car in that dingy area to save that 20/-. 

And every time you face the twins - Triumph and Disaster - mostly together (Read this poem)  you should try and blame the current phase of  happiness - (Sometimes excess of it and sometimes lack of it) to their cousin Destiny. 

I know we all do that! And Fail to find consolation still.

Here is another trick - 
I am a strong proponent of Einstein's quote - Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them. 
So I advise you to rise to the next level. How does glass seem to you when you look from above or below? But before that how are you able to look from that view? You can see only by picking up that glass in your hands. The key to most of our predicament is right there in these 2 questions.

1. Don't take life too seriously. And even if you have to, try looking at situations from every possible directions. Remember, glass is full when viewed from below and above too!

2. Don't try and solve the predicament by just brooding about it. Take things in your hands. Things change when you actually start taking the charge in your hands.

I believe the above 2 should be good in solving your perennial combat with Triumph and Disaster and life in general!   

What do you think?
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