Monday, August 22, 2011

Download all your information from Facebook.

Ever since Facebook allowed user to download all data which they uploaded, I have been trying to take out time to do that. And I finally did that today! - All in all 50 mb of data - of all my posts, pictures, videos, etc downloaded and archived today. I would strongly recommend you to do it as well.

Here is why I downloaded all the data from Facebook. May be you should too?

1. Anonymous threat to Facebook - While after all the drama and melodrama, Anonymous has withdrawn from the threat officially - I am not taking chances.

2. Spam hackers are on work- I get on an average 10 to 12 times a month a fake mail saying that you tried to change your password - while I had not! I know some one or some bot is out there trying to access the Facebook id for spamming or some other scrupulous act. Memories cherished on Facebook is too precious to me. I am not taking chances.

3. Frequent Facebook id loss - Not sure about you, but off late, I am hearing lot of news about Facebook ids being hijacked. In last 3 months, atleast 7 such incidents have happened. I am not taking chances.

4. Shifting from personal usage to professional usage - Having left HCL to join BoringBrands, and joining internet industry, my Facebook is going to become more important for ref check etc. I might have to delete a few too personal data to esnure all is ok there. So wanted to make a complete backup of my "social" data.

In case, after reading the post, you really do want to do it  - here is how you ca do it -

1. Login to Facebook
2. Go to Account Settings
3. Left hand side, you will see "General" tab - click it
4. There would be "Download a copy of your Facebook data" link. Click it.
5. The page you land now will ask for your password.
6. On authorization, click to get the data.

Facebook will send you an email when the archive is ready for you to download. Mine took about 5 hours to come.

Let me know if you download the data and let me know your reason of doing so in comments section below.

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