Monday, April 11, 2011

Short business trip planning: Part 1 - What to pack? - A ready made travel check list for you...

Recent business trips have been hectic but I have enjoyed a lot - thanks to a great wife and also to that obsession habit of being organized like hell! Coupled with these two , I have managed to enjoy a lot in the trips. (well almost! - I forgot dispirin in a recent trip and had to suffer so much! -  a simple single thing like that can actually ruin your trip)

There are billions of business travel happening every year and I hope, with this post, to atleast, help a handful of you there to  plan your trip better!

I believe that when you are going for less than 15 days, it becomes more important to be organised as you have to complete your work and enjoy - BOTH! and hence, it becomes imperative that you are well prepared right from the packing time.

Here are my top 5 packing tips when going for a business travel (less than 15 days):

1. Two baggage policy! - Carry a big check in bag with 80% of your luggage and a small bag for things which should last for at least 2 days, in case your baggage does not arrive in time!

2. Be free from all household payments -  Pay all your credit cards bills, phone bills, electricity bills etc before you go - You should never ever open your online account from a hotel (atleast try to refrain) - and when you come back you will be bogged with work and will forget every payments. This single tip must have saved my thousands of monies and got me loads of praise from the wife :)

3. Check weather of the city you are going to - Always check temperature of a city before a week and prepare for this. If traveling to a inter country - carry a jacket in your hand baggage.

4. Food - carry just the right amount- Well, this is important if you are a vegetarian! (I am one! - I dont even have eggs!) - So please save yourself and plan your food mentioned in the detailed list. In Thailand, fish is considered to be a vegetarian food, can you beat that?

But remember to carry food in the check in baggage as it might be removed at the security check in for hand baggages - better to check with policies of the country you are going to.

5. Carry small gifts for people you meet: Yes, it is as important for me as food or clothes. Believe me, nothing beats but a kind gesture of yours towards a person. He or she will remember for years for just the right thing you may carry. Don't carry costly showy things but thoughtful things - Fusion CDs, small traditional items and hand-made stuff with stories never fail with me!

List for clothes when traveling for short business trips
Clothes, in my view are most important items. I was lucky I carried my Zara jacket with me in hand baggage for a recent trip to new York. When I arrived in the city, I was shocked to find that AA has comfortably decided to ship my clothes next day! I would have died in the cold , had I not carried jacket outside, with me!

Also, I have put across a detailed list of items which you should carry when traveling for less that 15 days. This should help you as much as they helped me!

Don't forget to let me know if I have forgotten to put anything! Ok?
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