Sunday, April 17, 2011

Foursquare day celebration on 16 April in Mocha, New Delhi

Foursquare turned 2 on 16 April. And what an apt celebration to the whacky service it was. There were some 1000 parties done by its fan all around the world. Being crazy for it, I was also waiting for its Delhi version, organized by 2 Foursquare mavens - Sarthak Raheja (@sarthakraheja) and Sumit Berry (@iBerrySumi).

They were marketing it quite heavily and did a great job in pushing Foursquare in Delhi. And am so glad they did it. The best part was the swarm badge that we managed....within 55 minutes of the start of celebrations at 8:00 pm...not a mean feat that is! - given it was the first foursquare event in the city at this scale!

I ended up winning 4 awards , one taken away by Vaibhav :)  - I won -

1. Maximum number of checkins "Crunked" badge - I had 1850+ checkins at the time of award
2. Most number of mayorships - I had 92 at the time of award and one got lost since then
3. 10 or more checkins at the airport

My foursquare profile is here

And now I will let pictures talk of the fun and celebrations - AND ONCE AGAIN! - HAPPY FOURSQUARE DAY!
My first of the 3 awards I won on Foursquare day - Maximum Checkins, 10 or more airport checkins and most number of mayorships :)

Waiting for the fun to start - Aakriti, Vaibhav, and friends

With Aakriti - person responsible for my social media and social life :)

The attendees of the meetup - what a fun it was!

Stylish Bokul , Aakriti, Abhimanu and friends 
Vaibhav, Bokul, Piyush and friends! 

After the celebratory dinner

My awards of the day :)

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