Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Top 5 things that make World Economic Forum work

World Economic Forum, Davos 2011. 
5 days from 26 - 30 January 2011. 
2500 delegates.
26000 people. 
In 1 village called Davos whose population for the rest of the 51 weeks is only 13000.

Questions on its efficacy and impact are bound to happen.
Especially when world's top leaders spend millions of dollars. Not counting their opportunity cost of millions of dollars which they could have used for their work.

I attempted my own rationale on 5 reasons which make World Economic Forum work.

Reason 1. With great company, comes great inspiration - 
 Numerous communities started by WEF for some global cause serve as coming together of many like minded people with hopes and dreams of contributing for the cause. Hopes and positivity are big words in our times and I have a strong belief it will help attain the mission of the forum

Reason 2 - Individuals who can bring the much needed change 
The 2500 delegates end up on an average staying for say 3 days (though forum is for 4.5 days but only for argument sake, let us assume average of 3 days). 8 hours roughly for each day means about 24 hours.

Reason 3 - Dialogue and Discourse: What’s the discussion all about?
The five days at WEF is the only time when they are able to rise to globally relevant topics like gender parity, rise of Gen Y, changing norms in more connected world, etc

Reason 4 - WEF is a great leveller
It was not a surprise to see the face behind a $100 bn company talking with a start-up guy.  It does not matter how wealthy you are at Davos, as it is obvious that you are important enough to be there.

Reason 5 - Optimism at Peak
There was a unique environment when you see global leaders talking, walking and socialising with everyone else. For a while, it made me feel the world might just become a much better place. And hope in me still persists!!!

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