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Shankar Mahadevan (@Shankar_Live) pays to get followers on Twitter?!? it seems. I am sure Shankar does not need to pay to get followers - he already has millions (including me) following him in real life for his great talent. But then it is Twitter. Most probably, it is his agency who wants him to get followers FAST and when nothing else worked out - they must have paid TwitterCounter to feature him, and hence get followers FAST.

Featuring a user on TwitterCounter starts at USD 65 a month - Details here.

Not a good idea though. I love Shankar and would follow him just like that.

What do you think about this? Would you pay to get followers? Is it good?

Ganesh Hegde's performance at World Economic Forum, Davos 2011

Top 5 things that make World Economic Forum work

World Economic Forum, Davos 2011.  5 days from 26 - 30 January 2011.  2500 delegates. 26000 people.  In 1 village called Davos whose population for the rest of the 51 weeks is only 13000.
Questions on its efficacy and impact are bound to happen. Especially when world's top leaders spend millions of dollars. Not counting their opportunity cost of millions of dollars which they could have used for their work.
I attempted my own rationale on 5 reasons which make World Economic Forum work.

Anshul with Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer) at World Economic Forum, Davos 2011

It was like meeting the founder of social media. Scobleizer is and will remain one of the most controversial and successful geek of our times. I met him at the cultural soiree evening of WEF on 29 January 2011.

He looked at me as I was dressed up in traditional dress and everyone else was in their black tie dress. While he was looking at me, I caught his eye and Said "wow! - it is actually you!" - He laughed!