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Download all your information from Facebook.

Ever since Facebook allowed user to download all data which they uploaded, I have been trying to take out time to do that. And I finally did that today! - All in all 50 mb of data - of all my posts, pictures, videos, etc downloaded and archived today. I would strongly recommend you to do it as well.

Here is why I downloaded all the data from Facebook. May be you should too?

Trip to New York - April 2011

I know I am super delayed in posting this but then it is got to be when you have thousands of shots and it is just impossible to post all of them. 
I believe, every city changes a  person by a bit and  New York taught me to be resilient. 
Get past everything, because every day is a new day. Full of celebrations. 
That is what you realize when you are standing on top of Empire state building or at the Times Square. 
Look at the pictures and you will realise what I mean.

And after PlayStation network, YouTube is hacked too?

Yes, YouTube is hacked...
Got this very genuine looking email from YouTube, and when I clicked on it was taken so a pharmacy website !
be aware...

Spelling error: Blackberry wants you to SING and not SIGN!

Spotted by a colleague - Debo 

Webmaster - please correct the typo...or many of us who cant sing will not be able to logon to the website!

Foursquare day celebration on 16 April in Mocha, New Delhi

Foursquare turned 2 on 16 April. And what an apt celebration to the whacky service it was. There were some 1000 parties done by its fan all around the world. Being crazy for it, I was also waiting for its Delhi version, organized by 2 Foursquare mavens - Sarthak Raheja (@sarthakraheja) and Sumit Berry (@iBerrySumi).

They were marketing it quite heavily and did a great job in pushing Foursquare in Delhi. And am so glad they did it. The best part was the swarm badge that we managed....within 55 minutes of the start of celebrations at 8:00 pm...not a mean feat that is! - given it was the first foursquare event in the city at this scale!

I ended up winning 4 awards , one taken away by Vaibhav :)  - I won -

1. Maximum number of checkins "Crunked" badge - I had 1850+ checkins at the time of award
2. Most number of mayorships - I had 92 at the time of award and one got lost since then
3. 10 or more checkins at the airport

My foursquare profile is here

And now I will let pictures ta…

President of Czech Republic steals pen

I like pen too...but did not know someone is more crazy than I am...haha

Pentagram gig at Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi

When Vijay Nair invites you to a gig, you can not avoid it - not for the gig but to meet the man himself :) -...And that happened today...
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe Performer - Pentagram , part of their shows to promote 4th album Bloodywood.
I am not an expert in the music but I liked the beats, especially the passion of the band and Vishal ofcourse...wish it was a weekend and I would have been there till the end.
Some pics for you...

Short business trip planning: Part 1 - What to pack? - A ready made travel check list for you...

Recent business trips have been hectic but I have enjoyed a lot - thanks to a great wife and also to that obsession habit of being organized like hell! Coupled with these two , I have managed to enjoy a lot in the trips. (well almost! - I forgot dispirin in a recent trip and had to suffer so much! -  a simple single thing like that can actually ruin your trip)

There are billions of business travel happening every year and I hope, with this post, to atleast, help a handful of you there to  plan your trip better!

Anshul in Manhattan...

Manhattan has been a must visit place for me...a place which can be called center of the world.

It is one of the most densely populated place on Earth...people of every tradition, every culture and with every kind of dreams. Such a unique melting pot the city is that you forget your own identity in one moment and start fighting to retain that very same identity of your own. It is a tough city where you can feel part of the crowd or where you can be the most lonely person on Earth!

And here is a pic that I was waiting to get clicked for , I think, about 27 years or so :)

In Central park, New York

Well, New York is as beautiful as I had always dreamt of it...Here is my most favorite picture of the trip so far.  (Thanks Paul!)

Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya at the World Economic Forum 2011 (WEF)

To add to the World Economic Forum, Davo 2011 (WEF) experience, I had somehow forgotten to mention earlier but the cultural soiree was charged up because of Deepika and Siddharth surprise entry on the stage.

They looked good together , however, I would not have expected Siddharth trying hard to keep up with Deepika and dance God Ganesh Hegde. It was quite amusing though :)

A trip to Amazing Thailand!

After we won the Ford Figo's Discover Smart Drive "Most Popular Couple" prize, we had been contemplating to make a short trip outside India. And it had to be a surprise for my in laws, the most crazy couple I am aware of! :).  After considering many destinations, we zeroed in to Thailand, simply because there is VISA on arrival!

After lot of packing , especially food, we embarked on our journey on March 4 on Kingsiher Airlnes.

Day 1 - 4 March 2011. Reached Bangkok. And stayed at Dream Hotel. details on that in another post soon.

We only had half a day with us and we decided to indulge in shopping right away! Platinum fashion mall it was!
The multi-colored of taxis and the mad rush prove to us that we were in some big city!

Cargill online advertisement on Reuters mail. Fail!

Will you ever click on this ad? Why on earth would I or anyone be interested in knowing how Cargill help its customers???
It should have been more emotional or provoking ad. Bad job!

Movie Review: Invictus (2009) - 10/10 from my side!

Some movies are watched for relaxation while some are watched just for fun. For me, the best movies are which make you think. Invictus is one of them. 

Borrowing from my fav director of all times - Kubrick: 

A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what's behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later.  - Stanley KubrickSo is Invictus. Every scene of the movie makes you emotional. Makes you want to think and learn and outdo yourself. 

Song - Edward Maya - Stereo Love

Somehow with every trip, I have managed to fall in love with one song. Be that A-mei in Kuala Lumpur visit or the song Stereo Love from Edward Maya in Thailand trip concluded yesterday.

Edward Maya's stereo nation song is neither of Thailand nor it is new but I heard it atleast 10 times, in the taxi in Phuket, to speaker shops in Bangkok. So much so that Aakriti and I have fallen in love with it.

Came back, searched for it and found that the song has the most beautiful video. Being a visual guy, I love the colors and the depiction of love through just plain and simple looks.

Here you have a look at it too and fall in love with the song.

Shankar Mahadevan (@Shankar_Live) pays to get followers on Twitter?!? it seems. I am sure Shankar does not need to pay to get followers - he already has millions (including me) following him in real life for his great talent. But then it is Twitter. Most probably, it is his agency who wants him to get followers FAST and when nothing else worked out - they must have paid TwitterCounter to feature him, and hence get followers FAST.

Featuring a user on TwitterCounter starts at USD 65 a month - Details here.

Not a good idea though. I love Shankar and would follow him just like that.

What do you think about this? Would you pay to get followers? Is it good?

Ganesh Hegde's performance at World Economic Forum, Davos 2011

Top 5 things that make World Economic Forum work

World Economic Forum, Davos 2011.  5 days from 26 - 30 January 2011.  2500 delegates. 26000 people.  In 1 village called Davos whose population for the rest of the 51 weeks is only 13000.
Questions on its efficacy and impact are bound to happen. Especially when world's top leaders spend millions of dollars. Not counting their opportunity cost of millions of dollars which they could have used for their work.
I attempted my own rationale on 5 reasons which make World Economic Forum work.

Anshul with Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer) at World Economic Forum, Davos 2011

It was like meeting the founder of social media. Scobleizer is and will remain one of the most controversial and successful geek of our times. I met him at the cultural soiree evening of WEF on 29 January 2011.

He looked at me as I was dressed up in traditional dress and everyone else was in their black tie dress. While he was looking at me, I caught his eye and Said "wow! - it is actually you!" - He laughed!

Anshul with Paulo Coelho at World Economic Forum, Davos 2011

I met him while he was walking across to Congress Center for session. All that I could tell him was that you are already making a world much better place by your writing. Please write more.

Anshul Sushil with Randi Zuckerberg at WEF 2011

Thanks to my friend at World Economic Forum - @luefkens - I got to meet Randi today! 

Top 5 things to take care when traveling to Davos for WEF

While I am sure you must have paid attention to every minutest of detail, here is top 5 things which I strongly recommend for anyone heading to the mountains at Davos for World Economic Forum.