Sunday, December 12, 2010

HCL Tweetup for Employees!

Thanks to the efforts of @Bokul and @Kkhush , HCL is probably the first Indian company to have a tweeetup exclusively for its employees :)

And when the cumulative pestering of all employees got much, what else befitting reply but this from @VineetNayar himself

And knowing Vineet Nayar and the spirit of a true HCLite, I can assure you it will be a riot!

5 things that make this  1st ever #HCLtweetup special -

1. Done for the first time by any Indian IT Company (any company?) for its employees
2. First time ever, a CEO (especially Indian) would have endorsed it on Twitter and accepted to come :)
3. Happening at beautiful KNMA , befitting the entire setting a lot more :)
4. When employees will not talk business but get to meet each other as just "people"
5. Where employees will get to ask questions to the top leader (s) of a company via completely casual setting!. Imagine this 10 years back? - hahaha!

If you are an HCLite - you should register right now 

See you guys!
PS: Official hashtag of the tweetup is #HCLTweetup
PPS: You may also like to check in here to claim Mayorship :)
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