Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Most hyped networking buzzwords - and how can you make actually buzzing!

As per this news article from Times of India, the top 10 terms that are overused by professionals based in India are: 

1. Dynamic 
2. Innovative 
3. Extensive experience 
4. Team player 
5. Motivated 
6. Proactive 
7. Proven track record 
8. Value add 
9. Skill set 
10. Out-of-the-box

 I am not surprised! I know many  people who have one or two words (and more than that as well) from the above list. Well, it has to be because they are like frog in the well and have limited their thoughts to be within the contours of office life. I have a 5 tips on what I think can help to have a better profile description...

1. Think of what you would like to hear - Once you have written the description, think of how you would react when someone tells you that. Very simple filter but believe me , this works!

2. Think "cause and effect" - "What you are" might be narcissist so think of what it did. So rather than saying - "I am smart" - how about - "I helped save 24% of company's cost by smart ideas" - How is that?

3. Think bigger picture - Think of what you do in one day. Now think of what you did in 1 week. How about in 1 month. And now think of what you did in last 1 year. Made good friends in office? Achieved the bonus? Got "outstanding" ranking in appraisal? Now with this bigger picture of what you did - write the higher spirited profile line.

4. Think of what you can stand for - Yeah. That is called Positioning. You have to think of yourself as a brand. Like most of the brands (successful ones at least) have one thing to stand for. You can stand for "being creative" but then remember to include some "reasons to believe" - e.g. - I like to provide the second best answers to problems. 

5. Think of being disruptive - Yeah. Something like this. "I want to design World's fastest car in India" - This expresses that you are creative. Ambitious. Pro-Indian. 
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