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Review - Hotel Kipling, Geneva

While recently in Geneva for a short business trip, I was floundering as I had not made any pre-arrangements.
I started googling and calling up friends and it was then I chanced upon this hotel's website. The website was beautiful and quite convincing. 
I called up the hotel and was further surprised to see that they were giving me 50% discounts on their rates! - I booked it right away!

Review - Hotel Belvedere (Davos, Switzerland)

On my recent visit to Davos, I got to stay at Steigenberger Belvedere at Davos in Switzerland.

Time of staying - December 2010

One line summary of review - "The best possible hotel to stay in Davos, which will give you an experience of a lifetime"

10 Most hyped networking buzzwords - and how can you make actually buzzing!

As per this news article from Times of India, the top 10 terms that are overused by professionals based in India are: 
1. Dynamic 2. Innovative 3. Extensive experience 4. Team player 5. Motivated 6. Proactive 7. Proven track record 8. Value add 9. Skill set 10. Out-of-the-box
 I am not surprised! I know many  people who have one or two words (and more than that as well) from the above list. Well, it has to be because they are like frog in the well and have limited their thoughts to be within the contours of office life. I have a 5 tips on what I think can help to have a better profile description...

HCL Tweetup for Employees!

Thanks to the efforts of @Bokul and @Kkhush , HCL is probably the first Indian company to have a tweeetup exclusively for its employees :)

And when the cumulative pestering of all employees got much, what else befitting reply but this from @VineetNayar himself

And knowing Vineet Nayar and the spirit of a true HCLite, I can assure you it will be a riot!

5 things that make this  1st ever #HCLtweetup special -

1. Done for the first time by any Indian IT Company (any company?) for its employees
2. First time ever, a CEO (especially Indian) would have endorsed it on Twitter and accepted to come :)
3. Happening at beautiful KNMA , befitting the entire setting a lot more :)
4. When employees will not talk business but get to meet each other as just "people"
5. Where employees will get to ask questions to the top leader (s) of a company via completely casual setting!. Imagine this 10 years back? - hahaha!

If you are an HCLite - you should register right now

See you guys!
PS: Officia…

Customized domain of this blog now...

Dear Readers,

I have finally changed the URL of this blog to from

It took me sometime to take the final call as I was kind of nostalgic with the blogspot URL. It being my first social media entity, started in November 2003.

With the URL gone, what remains is the spirit , perhaps with a more reinvigorated passion to give this blog a new life starting today. The intent behind the change to use it more actively to reach out and connect with all of you out there.

Request you to update all your settings in RSS feedreaders, Google Readers, etc and welcome this change.

Thanks, Anshul

Mucking up of a mega brand called Airtel...

Imagine a brand which is present in a paan ki dukaan in to most grand outdoor hoarding in South Mumbai. Imagine it to be there in simple leaflets to multi-crore TV ad. And then there would be millions of signage, temporary and permanent across India. And then now think – you have to change it all! Jittery? Yes, Brand revamp is perhaps one of the most excruciating times for teams involved. From brand strategy teams to creative agency and everyone else from producer to director etc. Especially, when you are working on the most visible brand in a country like India, and catering from a person earning less than Rs 5000 a month to earning more than Rs 5 Lakhs  a month!. Yes, the brand we are talking about is Airtel.