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5 issues to be tackled for making Internet BIG in India!

Internet in India is still in the net.While we all are hoping 3G to really change the world of internet around us but it might just fail to do. Statistics show that we are doing terribly as a nation - 
Only 1% Indians use mobile to access InternetCompared to India's less than 10% penetration today, Malaysia has 56% and China has 28% penetration of Internet!Malaysians consume 35 percent more digital media than Internet users in China and 150 percent more than users in India In my mind these are the 5 issues that we, as a nation, need to tackle to ensure Internet finally gets BIG in India.

Facebook messaging - Maturing of a powerful medium

Got quoted in Economic Times on what I think about Facebook messaging. 

However to clarify my involvement with HCL MEME is as a user and critic.

We won the Ford Figo contest! - And its credited to you...our "social network"

30 days, 75 posts and approx 2000 comments on Twitter, Orkut and Facebook. 
It was a fantastic journey. Most of you kept abreast with on facebook but those who did is a glimpse of what fun we had! 

Here is the formal announcement -
Discover Smart Drive’s Most Popular Couple is Anshul and Aakriti
And thanks to all all of you for inspiring us and supporting us to win this one...this is for YOU.!