Saturday, September 25, 2010

7 features that are needed in New twitter

“NewtTitter” is about to come in our lives and it promises to alter our lives for ever and after. But, before we embrace the new twitter with same love and emotion like we did with Twitter, lets just note down what we really need on Twitter? 

1. Refer back feature – Quickly , can you take out the tweet when friends wished you happy birthday in 2009? The fact is, it is extremely cumbersome 9and sometimes impossible) to search for tweets to refer back. Ability to look for a specific tweet no matter how old and how deep it is on Twitter should be made easy – may be at just 2 clicks? Possible?

2. Advance search – Search is still so primitive. Ok Ok, I am not going to compare it with Google, but hey, still, I should be able to find the same Abhishek Gupta who is from Kanpur and was with me in ITBHU…right? There is no advance feature on Twitter.

3. Analytics – I am not sure why Twitter has not opened analytics for users? When there are so many apps doing it already (like why can not twitter do it? I would love to know how many people came to my profile? Where did they come from? Why did the come from? No? 

4. Better user interface for Lists – Let us accept it – loading lists is extremely tough. Why can not they have multiple dashboards like Tweetdeck, hootsuite, etc

5. Sharing  - Alas, we still have to share links from for large files, for videos on Twitter. Why can not just browse and share? Like they do for pictures? High time folks! – We want easy sharing for multiple form of content.

6. Mobility - Better app for mobile. Anyday! – Twitter mobile interface sucks big time. There are not many good twitter clients (barring for high end smart phones) You can not share pictures. You can not even see tweets conveniently.

7. Google Adsense program – There are many bloggers that I know are today doing full time blogging. Because they are good and can earn money via ads especially Google adsense. Why does not Twitter allow these people to put up ads on their twitter pages? They are spending so much time on Twitter, would it not be fair for them to make some money out of it?


Well, now lets keep our fingers crossed and experience what all we get. I am sure, we will get all of the above , its just a time matter. if not this time, we might get it in the next next-twitter :)
And here is the video of New Twitter

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