Sunday, August 08, 2010

Six Graves to Munich - (5/10)

Synposis - In the final days of the Second World War, Michael Rogan, an American intelligence officer, is tortured by a group of seven senior Gestapo officers who need to discover the secrets he alone can give them. Ten years later, when he has recovered from the appalling injuries he suffered, and determined to revenge the death of his wife at the hands of the same men, he begins a quest to track down and kill each one of his tormentors.

**************Spoiler alert!*************

 The book fails to deliver on the hype of man called Mario Puzo - what is completely missing is the signature character building in the book - it is there but is not of the level in Mario's much famous books like "Godfather and Omerta".

Reader fails to come to a conclusion if Rogan is the hero or villain and is almost sure right from the start that he has to die. His death should have been more celebrated by the author and not just a mere incident.
Also, we fail to understand why does he have to kill the people - there were far too many atrocities which occurred in the World Wars and the one thing which soldiers should not do is take wars as personal. You have to adopt to evil doings and strategies to ensure you get to know secrets of the enemies so it is not surprising the seven people actually stooped down to record the shouts of Rogan's wife.

Overall - Will not recommend others to read it. Especially if you are Mario Puzo's fan - might reduce your respect for the man.
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