Tuesday, July 06, 2010

VIVA CUBA (Spanish - 2005) - (8/10)

The movie is actually quite simple and that is the beauty of it. Its a story of a boy and a girl, Jorgito and Malu,  - who are very good friends and dont want to be separated - even if it means going against your parents, getting scolded but still continue to meet each other. So when the mother of girl wants to leave Cuba and immigrate , they decide to run away to meet girl's divorced father and plead to him to not allow her to leave. 

It was my first Cuban movie but I could still capture the hardships of localities which have been captured very well in the movie. Its kind of "Life is beautiful" in its own way. The movie explores hardships of immigration which is necessary given the condition of Cuba's economical and political situation but this definitely has its ill effects on children and families. 

I am giving 6/10 for simply the cinematography of the movie - capturing small details, beautiful scenery - and then added with the wonderful acting of Malu and Jorgito. My favorite scene from the movie is when both of them sitting atop and contemplating how to prevent Malu from going out of Cuba. Before the start of the scene, viewer is a little sad that the movie will become a sad with of them separating but when the scene is finished, viewer is not only relieved but kind of charged with the enthusiasm. 

The acting by the children, the chemistry showcased by them will keep you laughing and enjoying the movie...And 2 more points for simply their acting! 

Its a must watch! Watch the trailer here for a glimpse...

No doubt that the movie became the first ever Cuban film to be awarded the ‘Grand Prix Écrans Juniors’ for children’s cinema at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.
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