Friday, July 23, 2010

Janis and John (2003) 7/10

It is a story about a very ordinary insurer agent called Pablo (played by Sergi Lopez) who is living a very ordinary life with his very ordinary wife Brigitte (played by Marie Trintignant). One day, Pablo meets a client Mr Cannon and decides to defraud him. Mr Cannon has this brand new Aston Martin which he wants to insure. The twist is Mr Cannon is extremely apprehensive about using his car to an extreme that he does not even take out  his car from the garage. Pablo decides to cheat Mr cannon and tells him the car is insured while he has not done it and starts keeping the premium monies with himself. But one day, the car gets damaged and now Pablo has to give the insurance money to Mr Cannon. 

This sets up the story - and now Pablo has to go and meet his cousin  Leon ( played by Christopher Lambert ) who is an addict and belive that Janis Joplin and John Lennon will come and meet him one day!

The movie is full of comic scenes and settings...Normally a movie gives enjoyment if there is one big turning point but this movie is a delight - viewer is puzzled at least 3-4 times - especially when Francois Cluzet (playing John Lennon) decides to leave Pablo after a funny fight in a bistro. Also the entire transformation of a dull Brigitte with a vivacious Janis Joplin is a visual treat! The movie has 3-4 turning point when a viewer is puzzled as to what is going to happen and is delighted! 

Look at his very funny scene - when John and Jenis go and meet Leon for the first time - 

This movie was last of beautiful Marie Trintignant and you cant help but feel sad in watching her in this lifetime role.
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