Friday, July 16, 2010

8 reasons why EPIC may actually have an epic success...

India has just 70 Mn population on internet - and also has one of the worst penetration of internet - refer to the chart below , even Pakistan is better!

One very big reason is definitely lack of proper infrastructure but at the same time - its also the content and apps which are right now English centric to be more Indian centric - coz majority of India has no proper education - forget familiarity with English language alone!

We certainly need to not only publish content in Indian languages but we also need apps which are more Indian-centric. EPIC may kick-start that race. It certainly has that potential. Here is why I think so -

  1. Being Indian - At the first, I thought, here comes one more app to cash in on "Being Indian", but its only after 2 hours of exploration, I found out that this is just not Indian in marketing sense but has core Indian -ness hidden excruciatingly well. Indian content like News, Writing, Music, Videos, its all there.
  2. It also supports writing in Indian languages covering twelve languages as of now including Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada among others

  1. Bookmark feature - With the bookmark feature quite clearly present on the sidebar in a very neat manner - it might help driving people on internet who have not used anything but IE. And believe me there are millions of such users.  Yes, it was there in Opera but lets accept it Opera is far too advanced for Indian usage.

  1. Appeal to the entire ecosystem - We all know that a very important element of success of any software or online service is active ecosystem around it. Apple is superhit but it ows much of its success to millions of app makers who are developing applications for its platform.
  2. With India tag and simple interface, I do not know why EPIC can not appeal millions of Indian developers . I am sure all of us would like to contribute in it in someway or the other -May be in as little manner as I am doing by reviewing in on my blog :)

  1. Backup in place - No other browser has used Gmail and backup like this ever before. There were apps but integrating it so well in the design itself would ensure thousands of usage atleast. And this should be enough to propel it to the next level

  1. Tools like "To Do", Alarm, Jobs, Travel, etc - Is a great advantage for Indians - I wish there was a "Hisaab" section as well so I would have been able to keep account for my newspaperwala and milkwala as well right there :)

  1. Plausible Revenue model - It looks to have a solid revenue model laid on. Though I am not sure if they have already tied up with vendor partners but once they are on a roll and have more users , EPIC might very much be capable of driving traffic to websites like Yatra, Cleartrip, etc.

  1. Heritage and credibility -The website has been designed on open source Mozilla platform. Epic claims that it is the only web browser with anti-virus protection. This makes it extremely credible.
  1. Logo is super sexy - Am amalgamation of Indian colors in a very Mozilla motif, makes it look so aggressive and  vibrant - typical of Indian in our times.
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