Monday, April 12, 2010

Nike Tiger Woods Commercial: Earl and Tiger

Though I am not with Tiger Woods, but after watching this advertisement - I am with him. In his pursuits of  excellence, he may end up a loser this time, but I am going to be a bigger fan just because he tried.

And because sometimes playing is bigger than winning.

Why did I love the ad? -

1. Execution - The ad  in black and white. Without colors. That is the state of Tiger Woods, the Golf Player's,  present and may be future.

2. Expressions - Either he is a fantastic actor or he is genuinely sad. You can feel it in his eyes.

3. Spirit  -Last shot - Just do it. Whatever happened, its gone. Now is the time to go soul searching  and become what you were born for. A Golf Player.

I am sure Tiger Woods is paying Nike for this ad rather than vice versa!
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