Thursday, February 04, 2010

Feeling like NEO these days...

With the network being congested or phones getting dropped these days...I feel like Neo.

Today I have been using landline only and while en route to pick my wife, I had to stop at a STD booth to know if I am supposed to bring something!

Of the 600-odd mobile towers in Noida, around 250 have already been sealed, while authorities have started a survey to find out if any more illegal towers are there. This sudden action against illegal towers has left operators in a fix as subscribers in Noida are facing serious connectivity problem for the past four days. (Source - The Hindu
Life is so simple these one calling you..battery of my phone is going on for like 2 days!. Here are the top 5 reasons why I think the network should remain like this forever :)

1. No one can call you from office, when you are getting late. You can give the excuse that I was trying to call and update but call did not go through!

2. No calls from telemarketing guys, trying to sell home, loans or automobiles - Imagine!!!

3. Battery of the cellphone is lasting 2 days and hence energy saved...more greenery around and therefore Mother Earth would also smile!

4. You can tell your client that you have been trying to call to discuss a thing before finishing the job. And easily miss a deadline. Sounds :D

5. No one gets disturbed by phone calls while driving and hence no accidents!

I just pray this situation lasts forever...and I guess with the lady leader like Mayavati, my wish will come true for sure
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