Sunday, February 07, 2010

The "Era of being Genuine" is here...

"Genuine", I think is too simple term to be defining the era of youth in our times. But for all my observations around myself - it seems "Being Genuine" is in trend these times -

The newspaper of today made the though more stronger today when I saw the headlines newspaper...Rahul Gandhi being hailed as the next leader - he is also hailed because of his attempt of being genuine

Image courtesy - NDTV

Not just Rahul Gandhi, who has been doing such attempts previously also - like visit to a village and eating food with the family, etc - there are many such examples around us - if we listen and notice carefully.
  • Girls are liking guys who are more genuine - (e.g. - Aishwarya married Abhishek and not Salman)
  • People who look and sound genuine are getting hired and promoted 
  • Agencies are hired more for being clarity and "being genuine" - (so if an agency wants to charge huge monies for putting Google Analytics on the new website - you know what to do - right?)
Here is what I think triggered the trend of "Being Genuine" - 

1. Obama

Perhaps the world's most genuine human being at one time - not any longer - who became the "Hope-giver" of the planet and became Us's first black president.

2. Emergence of Facebook 

MySpace died. Why? People who flock it now do it either for rock music, hunting of innocent children or marketers. How did this happen?

People could fake being another person on MySpace. But not on Facebook. You were real person as you had your friends and families there who define you. People learned to be genuine.

3. Talent shows

I dont need to say anything. India's (and world's) biggest TRP garnering shows are talent shows after the saas bahu serials. 

I think, you should watch the newspaper again and look at Rahul Gandhi's pic. Does he not look like a genuine person? 

 I think its a welcome trend because ( I would love to believe it) - I get compliments from people for being a genuine person :D

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