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Review - Hotel Kipling, Geneva

While recently in Geneva for a short business trip, I was floundering as I had not made any pre-arrangements.
I started googling and calling up friends and it was then I chanced upon this hotel's website. The website was beautiful and quite convincing. 
I called up the hotel and was further surprised to see that they were giving me 50% discounts on their rates! - I booked it right away!

Review - Hotel Belvedere (Davos, Switzerland)

On my recent visit to Davos, I got to stay at Steigenberger Belvedere at Davos in Switzerland.

Time of staying - December 2010

One line summary of review - "The best possible hotel to stay in Davos, which will give you an experience of a lifetime"

10 Most hyped networking buzzwords - and how can you make actually buzzing!

As per this news article from Times of India, the top 10 terms that are overused by professionals based in India are: 
1. Dynamic 2. Innovative 3. Extensive experience 4. Team player 5. Motivated 6. Proactive 7. Proven track record 8. Value add 9. Skill set 10. Out-of-the-box
 I am not surprised! I know many  people who have one or two words (and more than that as well) from the above list. Well, it has to be because they are like frog in the well and have limited their thoughts to be within the contours of office life. I have a 5 tips on what I think can help to have a better profile description...

HCL Tweetup for Employees!

Thanks to the efforts of @Bokul and @Kkhush , HCL is probably the first Indian company to have a tweeetup exclusively for its employees :)

And when the cumulative pestering of all employees got much, what else befitting reply but this from @VineetNayar himself

And knowing Vineet Nayar and the spirit of a true HCLite, I can assure you it will be a riot!

5 things that make this  1st ever #HCLtweetup special -

1. Done for the first time by any Indian IT Company (any company?) for its employees
2. First time ever, a CEO (especially Indian) would have endorsed it on Twitter and accepted to come :)
3. Happening at beautiful KNMA , befitting the entire setting a lot more :)
4. When employees will not talk business but get to meet each other as just "people"
5. Where employees will get to ask questions to the top leader (s) of a company via completely casual setting!. Imagine this 10 years back? - hahaha!

If you are an HCLite - you should register right now

See you guys!
PS: Officia…

Customized domain of this blog now...

Dear Readers,

I have finally changed the URL of this blog to from

It took me sometime to take the final call as I was kind of nostalgic with the blogspot URL. It being my first social media entity, started in November 2003.

With the URL gone, what remains is the spirit , perhaps with a more reinvigorated passion to give this blog a new life starting today. The intent behind the change to use it more actively to reach out and connect with all of you out there.

Request you to update all your settings in RSS feedreaders, Google Readers, etc and welcome this change.

Thanks, Anshul

Mucking up of a mega brand called Airtel...

Imagine a brand which is present in a paan ki dukaan in to most grand outdoor hoarding in South Mumbai. Imagine it to be there in simple leaflets to multi-crore TV ad. And then there would be millions of signage, temporary and permanent across India. And then now think – you have to change it all! Jittery? Yes, Brand revamp is perhaps one of the most excruciating times for teams involved. From brand strategy teams to creative agency and everyone else from producer to director etc. Especially, when you are working on the most visible brand in a country like India, and catering from a person earning less than Rs 5000 a month to earning more than Rs 5 Lakhs  a month!. Yes, the brand we are talking about is Airtel.

5 issues to be tackled for making Internet BIG in India!

Internet in India is still in the net.While we all are hoping 3G to really change the world of internet around us but it might just fail to do. Statistics show that we are doing terribly as a nation - 
Only 1% Indians use mobile to access InternetCompared to India's less than 10% penetration today, Malaysia has 56% and China has 28% penetration of Internet!Malaysians consume 35 percent more digital media than Internet users in China and 150 percent more than users in India In my mind these are the 5 issues that we, as a nation, need to tackle to ensure Internet finally gets BIG in India.

Facebook messaging - Maturing of a powerful medium

Got quoted in Economic Times on what I think about Facebook messaging. 

However to clarify my involvement with HCL MEME is as a user and critic.

We won the Ford Figo contest! - And its credited to you...our "social network"

30 days, 75 posts and approx 2000 comments on Twitter, Orkut and Facebook. 
It was a fantastic journey. Most of you kept abreast with on facebook but those who did is a glimpse of what fun we had! 

Here is the formal announcement -
Discover Smart Drive’s Most Popular Couple is Anshul and Aakriti
And thanks to all all of you for inspiring us and supporting us to win this one...this is for YOU.!

Day 1 - FordFigo - We, the model!

Aakriti getting ready for the BIGGEST (and the only) shoot of her life! - Rumor is the makeup artist (also done for Bipasha basu, Kareena Kapur, etc) was so pleased with her sparkling skin that he told Aakriti to go ahead and become a bollywood star
And that is me - getting pampered at the right place at the right time :)

Proud of getting so much attention - 3rd most important day of our lives actually - 
1st  for us being selected to SRCC and IIT JEE 2nd  - Marriage 3rd - FordFigo shooting!

That is Aakriti 2.0 - more advanced | more shining | bestest! 

Lucky couple - Ford Figo Smart and Smarter India Tour contest!

It was just a simple tweet by Kshitij but we did not know it will bring so much excitement in our lives!

Aakriti and I applied for this contest by Ford Figo team (please visit the blog for more details).

In brief this is what the contest is all about

Four recently married couples are selected who will drive the special 50,000th Ford Figo on a pre-decided route in October 2010. The tour spans across three weeks, will be flagged off in Chandigarh and culminate in Chennai - the hometown of the Ford Figo. The 50,000th Figo (the couple driving it) will pass through Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Gwalior, Indore, Nagpur, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Each chosen couple will drive one leg of the route (3-5 days) and hand over the car to the next. In each city, the couples will get a chance to be a part of the promotions that Ford India will conduct and experience some of the Smart and Smarter activities in those cities. The Ford Figo Smart & Smarter India Tour is not a competitive event, in fact, is mo…

7 features that are needed in New twitter

“NewtTitter” is about to come in our lives and it promises to alter our lives for ever and after. But, before we embrace the new twitter with same love and emotion like we did with Twitter, lets just note down what we really need on Twitter?  1. Refer back feature – Quickly , can you take out the tweet when friends wished you happy birthday in 2009? The fact is, it is extremely cumbersome 9and sometimes impossible) to search for tweets to refer back. Ability to look for a specific tweet no matter how old and how deep it is on Twitter should be made easy – may be at just 2 clicks? Possible?2. Advance search – Search is still so primitive. Ok Ok, I am not going to compare it with Google, but hey, still, I should be able to find the same Abhishek Gupta who is from Kanpur and was with me in ITBHU…right? There is no advance feature on Twitter. 3. Analytics – I am not sure why Twitter has not opened analytics for users? When there are so many apps doing it already (like why can not …

Why sadness is as important as happiness - scientifically!

We are always told and taught to take happiness and sadness in the same stride...we should not get too happy when we achieve something or get too sad when we lose...

I read an excerpt from a book on daily Delanceyplace email and found this - 
"The importance of dopamine was discovered by accident. In 1954, James Olds and Peter Milner, two neuroscientists at McGill University, decided to implant an electrode deep into the center of a rat's brain. The precise placement of the electrode was largely happenstance; at the time, the geography of the mind remained a mystery. But Olds and Milner got lucky. They inserted the needle right next to the nucleus accumbens (NAcc), a part of the brain that generates pleasurable feelings. Whenever you eat a piece of chocolate cake, or listen to a favorite pop song, or watch your favorite team win the World Series, it is your NAcc that helps you feel so happy.
"But Olds and Milner quickly discovered that too much pleasure can be fatal. They p…

Six Graves to Munich - (5/10)

Synposis - In the final days of the Second World War, Michael Rogan, an American intelligence officer, is tortured by a group of seven senior Gestapo officers who need to discover the secrets he alone can give them. Ten years later, when he has recovered from the appalling injuries he suffered, and determined to revenge the death of his wife at the hands of the same men, he begins a quest to track down and kill each one of his tormentors.
**************Spoiler alert!*************
 The book fails to deliver on the hype of man called Mario Puzo - what is completely missing is the signature character building in the book - it is there but is not of the level in Mario's much famous books like "Godfather and Omerta".

Janis and John (2003) 7/10

It is a story about a very ordinary insurer agent called Pablo (played by Sergi Lopez) who is living a very ordinary life with his very ordinary wife Brigitte (played by Marie Trintignant). One day, Pablo meets a client Mr Cannon and decides to defraud him. Mr Cannon has this brand new Aston Martin which he wants to insure. The twist is Mr Cannon is extremely apprehensive about using his car to an extreme that he does not even take out  his car from the garage. Pablo decides to cheat Mr cannon and tells him the car is insured while he has not done it and starts keeping the premium monies with himself. But one day, the car gets damaged and now Pablo has to give the insurance money to Mr Cannon. 

8 reasons why EPIC may actually have an epic success...

India has just 70 Mn population on internet - and also has one of the worst penetration of internet - refer to the chart below , even Pakistan is better!

One very big reason is definitely lack of proper infrastructure but at the same time - its also the content and apps which are right now English centric to be more Indian centric - coz majority of India has no proper education - forget familiarity with English language alone!

We certainly need to not only publish content in Indian languages but we also need apps which are more Indian-centric. EPIC may kick-start that race. It certainly has that potential. Here is why I think so -

Being Indian - At the first, I thought, here comes one more app to cash in on "Being Indian", but its only after 2 hours of exploration, I found out that this is just not Indian in marketing sense but has core Indian -ness hidden excruciatingly well. Indian content like News, Writing, Music, Videos, its all there.It also s…

My movie love in World Movies magazine

Cure of impotence and human fancy!

"Importance" and "Impotence" seem to be such a big issue in men! I read an article on what homo homo sapient have been doing since time immemorial to remain fertile till death - some even dying as a process!.

Meet Dr. Leo Stanley, chief surgeon at San Quentin prison in California who in early 1900s was busy experimenting on prisoners and trying to make them fertile.

 Three or four hangings in prisons in a year offered the perfect chance to relieve relatively young men of their testicles without an argument. ... Testicles of these deceased felons were inserted into other prisoners, usually geezers with no chance of parole. According to Dr. Stanley's reports, most showed improvement. Seventy-two-year-old Mark Williams, half-senile at the implant, perked up within five days. ... Scientific journals, including JAMA, gave this work wide and respectful coverage. Dr. Stanley himself ... injected or implanted testicular material, both animal and human, into 643 inmates…

VIVA CUBA (Spanish - 2005) - (8/10)

The movie is actually quite simple and that is the beauty of it. Its a story of a boy and a girl, Jorgito and Malu,  - who are very good friends and dont want to be separated - even if it means going against your parents, getting scolded but still continue to meet each other. So when the mother of girl wants to leave Cuba and immigrate , they decide to run away to meet girl's divorced father and plead to him to not allow her to leave. 

It was my first Cuban movie but I could still capture the hardships of localities which have been captured very well in the movie. Its kind of "Life is beautiful" in its own way. The movie explores hardships of immigration which is necessary given the condition of Cuba's economical and political situation but this definitely has its ill effects on children and families. 

I am giving 6/10 for simply the cinematography of the movie - capturing small details, beautiful scenery - and then added with the wonderful acting of Malu and Jorgito. …

I am White/Blue

Got to know about this by a friend 

I am Blue/White
Take The Magic Dual Colour Test - Beta today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
I'm both orderly and rational. I value control, information, and order. I love structure and hierarchy, and will actively use whatever power or knowledge I have to maintain it. At best, I am lawful and insightful; at worst, I am bureaucratic and tyrannical.

You are what your email id is!

Source - The Oatmeal
The image above may be taken in humor but this is very true. I still get shocked when I meet with media and marketing people who get surprised with the fact that my mail id is "". 
Getting your own domain is a clear message that you are not only tech savvy but also that you are cognizant of "personal branding". 
Here is how to get your custom domain in Following steps steps - 
1. Go to and book a domain of your choice - lets say you buy
2. The best service to have your custom domain is no doubt from Google - Here - Log on to the Google Apps and register your domain

Nike Tiger Woods Commercial: Earl and Tiger

Though I am not with Tiger Woods, but after watching this advertisement - I am with him. In his pursuits of  excellence, he may end up a loser this time, but I am going to be a bigger fan just because he tried.

And because sometimes playing is bigger than winning.

Why did I love the ad? -

1. Execution - The ad  in black and white. Without colors. That is the state of Tiger Woods, the Golf Player's,  present and may be future.

2. Expressions - Either he is a fantastic actor or he is genuinely sad. You can feel it in his eyes.

3. Spirit  -Last shot - Just do it. Whatever happened, its gone. Now is the time to go soul searching  and become what you were born for. A Golf Player.

I am sure Tiger Woods is paying Nike for this ad rather than vice versa!

What you dont know about the real Cleopatra!

Although the Cleopatra of lore was portrayed primarily as a seductress, the real Cleopatra was a skilled naval commander, a published medical authority, and an expert royal administrator who was met with adulation throughout the eastern Mediterranean, and was perhaps even seen by some as a messianic figure, the hope for a future eastern Mediterranean free of Roman domination:

"Few personalities from classical antiquity are more familiar yet more poorly grasped than Cleopatra VII (69-30 B.C.), queen of Egypt. Cleopatra VII was an accomplished diplomat, naval commander, administrator, linguist, and author, who skillfully managed her kingdom in the face of a deteriorating political situation and increasing Roman involvement. That she ultimately lost does not diminish her abilities. ...
"Like all women, she suffers from male-dominated historiography in both ancient and modern times and was often seen merely as an appendage of the men in her life or was stereotyped into typical cha…

I am almost out of space on Gmail Account!

And I am so proud of this :)....I had never thought that I will reach this feat!.

And now some interesting facts -

On April 1, 2005 the first anniversary of Gmail, Google announced the increase from 1 GB, stating that Google would "keep giving people more space forever."[16]On October 12, 2007 the rate of increase was 5.37 MB per hour.[17]As of January 18, 2010, the rate was 0.000004 MB/s, or 0.0144 MB/h.[18]

Coming back to my problem, I am planning to buy extra space on Gmail as suggested by Google.

Yahoo Mail is facing phishing attack!

I got a mail from Yahoo day before yesterday and I was almost going to click on the link provided in the mail.

Its so easy to confuse the time scarce junta on internet. Especially, when Yahoo has been closing so many services; Briefcase, Geo-cities, etc that it is almost incidental that Yahoo might be closing something else and hence this email.
I thought of letting know some of my friends via this post on this issue.
How to tackle this - 
Just notice the email id from where the mail was sent.
The fake mail (above) was sent from "" email id!!! - while the genuine one - sample the Geocities closure email below - was sent from Yahoo-inc email id.

Remember to check the email id before clicking any such mail else your account will get compromised!

The "Era of being Genuine" is here...

"Genuine", I think is too simple term to be defining the era of youth in our times. But for all my observations around myself - it seems "Being Genuine" is in trend these times -

The newspaper of today made the though more stronger today when I saw the headlines newspaper...Rahul Gandhi being hailed as the next leader - he is also hailed because of his attempt of being genuine

Image courtesy - NDTV
Not just Rahul Gandhi, who has been doing such attempts previously also - like visit to a village and eating food with the family, etc - there are many such examples around us - if we listen and notice carefully. Girls are liking guys who are more genuine - (e.g. - Aishwarya married Abhishek and not Salman)People who look and sound genuine are getting hired and promoted Agencies are hired more for being clarity and "being genuine" - (so if an agency wants to charge huge monies for putting Google Analytics on the new website - you know what to do - right?)Here is w…

Feeling like NEO these days...

With the network being congested or phones getting dropped these days...I feel like Neo.

Today I have been using landline only and while en route to pick my wife, I had to stop at a STD booth to know if I am supposed to bring something!

Of the 600-odd mobile towers in Noida, around 250 have already been sealed, while authorities have started a survey to find out if any more illegal towers are there. This sudden action against illegal towers has left operators in a fix as subscribers in Noida are facing serious connectivity problem for the past four days. (Source - The Hindu) Life is so simple these one calling you..battery of my phone is going on for like 2 days!. Here are the top 5 reasons why I think the network should remain like this forever :)

1. No one can call you from office, when you are getting late. You can give the excuse that I was trying to call and update but call did not go through!

2. No calls from telemarketing guys, trying to sell home, loans or automobile…