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TimesJobs creates identity crisis!

Look at the sentence - We are happy to inform that a new job ....that fits your criteria exactly! ...YEAH???

They are sending the job which clearly says its for female!

They either are very funny people , trying to crack a joke on me or are extremely pathetic!

I have not done any operation of changing my sex ( I dont earn that much) - and I am definitely MALE!

Thanks for identity crisis! You are really no.1 in WORST MATCHING OF JOBS!!!

A few points on Poker

“Poker” apparently derives from German pochen, meaning to beat or beat up or pulverize. Aggression is at the heart of the game, which has a rich history of violence. Every duffer knows that two pairs, aces and eights, is called “The Dead Man’s Hand” because those were the cards Wild Bill Hickok was holding when shot from behind by an assassin named Crooked Nose Jack McCall.

The violence follows naturally enough from the pioneer nature of the game. The “cowboys full” of McManus’s title means a specific poker hand of three kings plus another card paired, but it also indicates how the game has flourished in Western settings.

Las Vegas is the site of the poker World Series and the fast, bluff-­emphasizing, aggressive and TV-friendly variation for the central tournament is called Texas hold ’em, which on the Internet and television has nudged older forms, draw and stud, toward the margins.

Devotees of the friendly game have included Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Frankli…