Friday, October 02, 2009

Top 5 quick tips for early Google Wave users

Hey are 5 quick, small but very useful tips for Google Wave users...based out on my 1st day expedition on  it -

Tip 1. Profile picture 

In case your profile pic is not visible to others - check out if you have filled out your Google profile or not -

Google Wave is picking up your information from there!

Tip 2.  Editing a blip as other is typing

There is a drop down arrow in the time stamp - just click and you are ready to edit it on the go.

Tip 3 Embedding widgets or apps

Google has still not allowed us to import a lot of things like twitter feeds, but there are many neat apps and bots built inside -

Wikify -

Yes - No gadget

There are many more like Sudoku, Conference, Video chat, etc - these can be done by first installing them and clicking to run them...

Here is how to Install them -

3a) When you joined Wave - you would have got 2 messages - one would be for extensions - go to that wave and install the gadget of your choice

3b) Create a new wave and you would notice new tabs for the new apps

Tip 4 Adding friends to a new wave

Go to create a new wave - then click on the small + button shown in 2 in the pic and then select the friends from the drop down menu

Tip no. 5 Enable search (like Twitter) to ensure you dont miss any wave on that topic.

You can create a search term and save it like on Twitter - and then you want to see which Wave Buddy used that term or to follow conversation on that topic - just click on the "searches" and the topic to follow it all!

Thats all as of now...please do share your comments or any more tips on this...

Happy riding on Google wave :)))
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