Monday, September 07, 2009

Biggest mistake while talking and chatting!

Guys, today I am in a little preachy mood - I want to tell all of you to avoid one small BIG mistake lot of you make while chatting / talking with other people!

How many times have you said - "And, what else is happening in your life" or "What else is happening in life?" , or in Hindi - "Aur bata, kya chal raha hai?" 

If the answer is "quite often" - then I would like to urge you all to please shun this habit - this may subtley result in people shunning you as a bad communicator!

Psychologically, people while conversion, like to be put up at ease and not confronted. And this small question puts every person in exactly that. Te person might be in stress / frustated, about to end his/ her life but does not want to tell you, so is pissed at your asking - "So, what else?" 

And Beware, if you use this sentence in front of a girl you are trying to woo - this sentence could be the end of it all! This also might mean, that since you are such a bore, you can' think. Your girl might just paint you as a person incapable of having interesting conversation.

Now, here is a quick solution if you suffer from this problem -

Try to be personal when you are conversing with the guy. Try to think of some personal things like...

1. To a frined when you are meeting him after years - 
Oh Boy!, I still remember the day we had when we went in that party...remember?

2. To an office colleague whom you helped in finding a job for his brother -
How is your brother, is he happy in his new job?

3. When out on a first date -
Hey, you should wear this red color often, makes you look really smart!

Please don't ask "How is Life?" Again! - no body wants to answer that question, seriously!

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