Friday, August 14, 2009

Addicted to Chess

I still remember when as a small boy, I used to play chess with my father and brother. I obviously used to lose a lot but still used to maintain a small note of no. of games, played, won and then lost. Guess I have always had this habit of keeping track of every little detail. And then I grew up, and had the fight for IIT, and then completely forgot about Chess.

But somehow, at the back of my mind, even while I was dancing away in IT BHU, or working on projects in MICA, I wanted to play chess again. Could never do. But things changed.

In the recent trip to Shimla, I bought this wooden classic chess and things have never been the same again. Thank God, that I have a tolerant wife like Aakriti who not only is okay with me being addicted to it, but is actually got addicted to chess even more than I am.

So these days, we can not survive util and unless, we have played at least 2 games of chess or studied about some or the other moves of Casparaov or one of the classic matches of all times (courtesy -

Do you play chess? wanna play?
Aakriti trying to think of a move :) (I won this one though as you can see from her expression)
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