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Evilness of Facebook!

Beware guys!

I never click on "Send Invitations To Your Friends" click on any site. I just cant trust to share the password of my email with any thing - living or non-living but I trusted Facebook. And boy, I was so wrong!.

It seems Facebook sends mail to all the people in my address book - which happens to be a few hundred. And I have been getting "ABCDEF has accepted your invitation to add as friend on Facebook" ever since. Even people whom I don't intend to network but must have sent some mail years ago has got this mail!. How Bloody Stupid!

Please spare yourself with this embarrassment and don't do this mistake ever ...even with Facebook!

Addicted to Chess

I still remember when as a small boy, I used to play chess with my father and brother. I obviously used to lose a lot but still used to maintain a small note of no. of games, played, won and then lost. Guess I have always had this habit of keeping track of every little detail. And then I grew up, and had the fight for IIT, and then completely forgot about Chess.

But somehow, at the back of my mind, even while I was dancing away in IT BHU, or working on projects in MICA, I wanted to play chess again. Could never do. But things changed.

In the recent trip to Shimla, I bought this wooden classic chess and things have never been the same again. Thank God, that I have a tolerant wife like Aakriti who not only is okay with me being addicted to it, but is actually got addicted to chess even more than I am.

So these days, we can not survive util and unless, we have played at least 2 games of chess or studied about some or the other moves of Casparaov or one of the classic matches of all times…