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Burn after reading - (7/10)

"Burn after reading" is a star studded movie with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Malkovitch, etc - but with a different twist - and the twist is that your famous stars play roles of idiots. The movie with which I can draw a parallel here is India's cult movie -  "Jane Bhi Do Yaaron" - black comedy movie with complete head twisting tales of characters...

John Malkovitch plays a role of a CIA agent who has been demoted because of his drinking problem...George Clooeny - a womanizer politician - is going around with his wife - George is also sleeping with a woman called Linda. Linda works in a gym and is worried about her looks as she is getting  old and wants to have a relationship with a young person like George. Brad Pitt works in the gym with Linda.
All hell break lose when Brad finds a CD with John's secrets of CIA which he was writing in a book form after his quitting CIA. Some funny twists result in Linda and Brad (accidentally) blackmailing John.

The movie has a very different ending when the real culprits in the movie have a happy ending and the innocents get killed. Movie manifests a satire over US politics, CIA, etc and I think does a great job at hinting of rampant inconsistencies in social and political life of USA...

A fantastic movie...bu a word of caution is don't watch if you are Angelina Jolie - because you might actually start hating Brad for playing a character of such a dimwit character!
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