Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tiger Woods Logo Analysis

Whoa!!! - Like a symbol which has been interpreted by Langdon, I am proud to present you analysis of Tiger Woods logo!

It has been there always in the writing - we just failed to see it!

Source of the logo - Tiger's official site

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TimesJobs creates identity crisis!

Look at the sentence - We are happy to inform that a new job ....that fits your criteria exactly! ...YEAH???

They are sending the job which clearly says its for female!

They either are very funny people , trying to crack a joke on me or are extremely pathetic!

I have not done any operation of changing my sex ( I dont earn that much) - and I am definitely MALE!

Thanks for identity crisis! You are really no.1 in WORST MATCHING OF JOBS!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A few points on Poker

“Poker” apparently derives from German pochen, meaning to beat or beat up or pulverize. Aggression is at the heart of the game, which has a rich history of violence. Every duffer knows that two pairs, aces and eights, is called “The Dead Man’s Hand” because those were the cards Wild Bill Hickok was holding when shot from behind by an assassin named Crooked Nose Jack McCall.

The violence follows naturally enough from the pioneer nature of the game. The “cowboys full” of McManus’s title means a specific poker hand of three kings plus another card paired, but it also indicates how the game has flourished in Western settings.

Las Vegas is the site of the poker World Series and the fast, bluff-­emphasizing, aggressive and TV-friendly variation for the central tournament is called Texas hold ’em, which on the Internet and television has nudged older forms, draw and stud, toward the margins.

Devotees of the friendly game have included Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

The friendly game, with a limit on bets (sometimes doubled for the last round), usually allows the dealer to choose the game, with an emphasis on the old, traditional stud and draw variants rather than the hyper-charged hold ’em, which in tournament play is no-limit, meaning a player can go “all in”: betting all of one’s chips at once.

Noted from this NYT article on the book -The Story of Poker By James McManu

Thursday, October 29, 2009

4 reasons why readership of newspapers is shrinking in USA

Source - The Economist

Sales of American newspapers keep falling
MORE bad news for America's newspaper industry. In the six months to the end of September, daily circulation fell by 10.1% to 30.4m compared with the same period in 2008. All of the top 20 papers have seen their circulation plunge, with the exception of the Wall Street Journal. 

1 -  The population is turning more and more online. 

Penetration of Internet in USA is at a staggering 74% of entire population. Figure for India would be in single digits. 

2 -  It is a very urbanized nation, with 81% of the population residing in cities and suburbs as of mid-2005 (the worldwide urban rate was 49%)
Newspapers generally find devout readers at suburbs where people have luxury of time

3 - Habit change 
US now wakes up to latest friend request on Facebook or Twitter.No more people wake up and read USA Today with coffee - they pick up blackberry or Apple to check their emails while smelling the coffee

4 - "Social Revolution"
Its kind of "Reverse Globalization". People are getting more social. With so many interesting tools to stay connected with the friends, families, etc, meaning for "news" is now changed.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Top 5 quick tips for early Google Wave users

Hey are 5 quick, small but very useful tips for Google Wave users...based out on my 1st day expedition on  it -

Tip 1. Profile picture 

In case your profile pic is not visible to others - check out if you have filled out your Google profile or not -

Google Wave is picking up your information from there!

Tip 2.  Editing a blip as other is typing

There is a drop down arrow in the time stamp - just click and you are ready to edit it on the go.

Tip 3 Embedding widgets or apps

Google has still not allowed us to import a lot of things like twitter feeds, but there are many neat apps and bots built inside -

Wikify -

Yes - No gadget

There are many more like Sudoku, Conference, Video chat, etc - these can be done by first installing them and clicking to run them...

Here is how to Install them -

3a) When you joined Wave - you would have got 2 messages - one would be for extensions - go to that wave and install the gadget of your choice

3b) Create a new wave and you would notice new tabs for the new apps

Tip 4 Adding friends to a new wave

Go to create a new wave - then click on the small + button shown in 2 in the pic and then select the friends from the drop down menu

Tip no. 5 Enable search (like Twitter) to ensure you dont miss any wave on that topic.

You can create a search term and save it like on Twitter - and then you want to see which Wave Buddy used that term or to follow conversation on that topic - just click on the "searches" and the topic to follow it all!

Thats all as of now...please do share your comments or any more tips on this...

Happy riding on Google wave :)))

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Destination Branding - What not to do!

Destination branding is something which is very important today in the globalized world -it helps in attracting tourists, also in investments ...and anyways who does not like to see finely landscaped, green fields, beautiful people in beautiful places...right? WRONG!

Anyways before I introduce you on "What not do in commercial / viral marketing for destination is a look at my fav campaigns on "what to do" :) -

Some of my favorite campaigns are -

1. India's Incredible Campaign

What is brilliant about this campaign is the portraying of the same age old story - tourist comes to visit a country and goes around...but never has the emotional appeal as visible and as addictive as in this campaign....

2. Malaysia's Truly Asia

But here is the twist - I read a news today about Denmark's attempt to attract tourists by viral marketing and going a step too far read this -

Denmark's official tourism agency, has removed a promotional video from its YouTube site after criticism. The film, shot in video-diary style, purports to be the work of a Danish woman with a baby: she says that the child is the result of a one-night stand with a foreign visitor and that she hopes the father will see the video and contact her. (Source - The Economist)

This is simply outrageous - no visitor would like to come for a one night stand and then meet a girl and father a son!...ridiculous!

Look at the video and let me know what you think of it :)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Biggest mistake while talking and chatting!

Guys, today I am in a little preachy mood - I want to tell all of you to avoid one small BIG mistake lot of you make while chatting / talking with other people!

How many times have you said - "And, what else is happening in your life" or "What else is happening in life?" , or in Hindi - "Aur bata, kya chal raha hai?" 

If the answer is "quite often" - then I would like to urge you all to please shun this habit - this may subtley result in people shunning you as a bad communicator!

Psychologically, people while conversion, like to be put up at ease and not confronted. And this small question puts every person in exactly that. Te person might be in stress / frustated, about to end his/ her life but does not want to tell you, so is pissed at your asking - "So, what else?" 

And Beware, if you use this sentence in front of a girl you are trying to woo - this sentence could be the end of it all! This also might mean, that since you are such a bore, you can' think. Your girl might just paint you as a person incapable of having interesting conversation.

Now, here is a quick solution if you suffer from this problem -

Try to be personal when you are conversing with the guy. Try to think of some personal things like...

1. To a frined when you are meeting him after years - 
Oh Boy!, I still remember the day we had when we went in that party...remember?

2. To an office colleague whom you helped in finding a job for his brother -
How is your brother, is he happy in his new job?

3. When out on a first date -
Hey, you should wear this red color often, makes you look really smart!

Please don't ask "How is Life?" Again! - no body wants to answer that question, seriously!

Photo courtesy -

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Evilness of Facebook!

Beware guys!

I never click on "Send Invitations To Your Friends" click on any site. I just cant trust to share the password of my email with any thing - living or non-living but I trusted Facebook. And boy, I was so wrong!.

It seems Facebook sends mail to all the people in my address book - which happens to be a few hundred. And I have been getting "ABCDEF has accepted your invitation to add as friend on Facebook" ever since. Even people whom I don't intend to network but must have sent some mail years ago has got this mail!. How Bloody Stupid!

Please spare yourself with this embarrassment and don't do this mistake ever ...even with Facebook!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Addicted to Chess

I still remember when as a small boy, I used to play chess with my father and brother. I obviously used to lose a lot but still used to maintain a small note of no. of games, played, won and then lost. Guess I have always had this habit of keeping track of every little detail. And then I grew up, and had the fight for IIT, and then completely forgot about Chess.

But somehow, at the back of my mind, even while I was dancing away in IT BHU, or working on projects in MICA, I wanted to play chess again. Could never do. But things changed.

In the recent trip to Shimla, I bought this wooden classic chess and things have never been the same again. Thank God, that I have a tolerant wife like Aakriti who not only is okay with me being addicted to it, but is actually got addicted to chess even more than I am.

So these days, we can not survive util and unless, we have played at least 2 games of chess or studied about some or the other moves of Casparaov or one of the classic matches of all times (courtesy -

Do you play chess? wanna play?
Aakriti trying to think of a move :) (I won this one though as you can see from her expression)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Very Stark Observation...

While going through my regular dosage of news, I came across the news of Neda Agha Soltan on Reuters (Click here) ...
On the left side is the image of a girl who is dying after having stood in front of the Iranian military to fight for the truth and freedom...while on the ad on the same page you see a girl resting somewhere in a field.

One image is so full of life and the other completely devoid of it!

Both images are so similar and yet so different - remarkable is the eyes of the ladies in both the pictures...look closely and you will understand...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Critical analysis : The girlfriend experience...(8/10)

Coming from Steven Soderbergh's stable, this movie had to be odd...and it did succeed in being one - the lead character is played by Sasha Grey - a pornographic actress and another oddity was that the actress has not given any shot which testifies that she is a pornstar (which was expected!)...
The movie is about Chelsea...and her complicated thoughts...of being in love, craving for love, getting used to be treated like a lover and a door-mat and her coping with all this...
The initial scene of movie makes you believe that you are watching a romantic movie...a couple is seen having fun, dining, talking and there is red wine too. However, the starkness of the movie is revealed as the lady wakes up alone next morning,  and is paid money without even an iota of emotion being displayed...the client does not even look at her - it is this scene that wakes you to a realization that she is not a girlfriend but an experience of a girlfriend to the guy ...this starts the movie in its real sense...

The movie also contrasts between the tangible and intangible side...Chelsea is quite visibly drawn in monologues with her clients - about the economy downturn and its impact...she is like a lighthouse for many a sense of direction in the night for the clients to park themselves suitably / temporarily - rest for a while - where in she gives them some solace and comfort like a girlfriend.

She has a boyfriend, its evident that both of them love each other but still want to earn more money...they are both worried about the inevitable economy crisis coming up and hence they want to make extra money asap...he tries to talk to various gym so that he can become a more successful trainer while she is looking to enhance her clientèle list by a website...

On one such occasion, Chelsea falls prey to her emotions - and this is the turning point of the movie...Chelsea, who had shown no emotions in interacting with clients but falls for this new client...she decides to break the rule - and agrees to go out with the new client on the weekend...this enrages her boyfriend but she does not seem to bother about this...which leaves the boyfriend stumped.

The client does not turn up...leaving Chelsea is this that makes her cry ...she is also tricked by a potential client who on the promises of taking her to Dubai makes her do unacceptable and disgusting he wanted to see what he will sell in Dubai!...For a minute, we see Chelsea broken and for the first time she shows emotions (which is another rule broken) to a client...but she strikes back...and the movie culminates with her with yet another client...depicting that the life does go on...

The shooting style is Reverse Chronology and so it does become quite difficult to keep track of what is actually happening...what happens before? Sasha's disinterest in her boyfriend or her falling in love with the new customer...does she buy brands during her replete shopping trips to keep her sane from her schedules with clients or does she buy them to get more clients? or is it like the case of the unknown drummer who is seen playing a nice rhythm but is not at all acknowledged by anyone when he finishes but is Chelsea treating herself after every one of her "shows"? 
Chelsea is seem to be clinical, even therapeutic with her clients, to an extent that she is shown just talking to them and making them comfortable - this has been wonderfully portrayed by Sasha Grey - to an extent that I fear her porn career could be at stake now! 
The movie is not recommended if you want to have fun as the movie will leave you with lot of thoughts...thoughts which will evoke the real sense of consumerism in our we actually use what we want? or we want what we actually want to use?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Famous "Anshul"

I am writing this post in all vanity...well almost...after all it took one full sleepless night for me to be able to write a post on it...

Facebook had announced the vanity URLs and I, for sure, wanted to get it...more because Aakriti has always been teasing me that she has ultimate vanity email address  - so when a chance came to get - why would I let it go???

So dear friends, I am now available at - see you there...

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Why is Computer mouse called "Mouse"?

I was intrigued by this simple piece from the daily dose of  about the "Computer Mouse" -  I simply love the an enterprising inventor works simply , without much help, and ultimately gives us a simple but one of the most effective invention of 21st century...

"Douglas Engelbart - Inventor of Computer Mouse - had almost - but not quite - hit upon the concept of the mouse in his original 1962 paper. With his NASA funding, he began exploring pointing devices and became interested in the problem of selecting text or graphics objects that were displayed on his screen. 
  1. The goal of the study was to discover which device would allow a user to get to a given point on the screen most quickly as well as repeatedly with the fewest errors. ...
  2. "Other kinds of pointing devices were already in use, including light pens, trackballs, and tablets with styli. The RAND Corporation had invented the latter, and though Engelbart hoped for a while that he could persuade them to lend him one for their research, the company told him it didn't have any available. 
  3. "The actual idea of a rolling, handheld pointing device came to Engelbart one day when he was at a computer-graphics conference. As he often did, he was feeling like an outsider, because everyone was talking, and he was uncomfortable and having trouble making himself heard. At times like this, he frequently tuned out and dropped into his own reverie. ...
  4. "Pulling a small notepad from his shirt pocket, he made a quick sketch of a device that would track movement across a desktop. The idea was to use the two wheels to drive two potentiometers - devices that would register varying voltages as they were turned. Each one would move depending on the degree to which the wheels turned, and the resulting voltage could then be translated into the position of a cursor - they originally called it a 'bug' - on the screen. ...
  5. "[He] turned to an SRI draftsman to carve an elegant, hand-sized lacquered pine case large enough to contain the two wheels and two potentiometers, and then gave the case to a craftsman at the SRI machine shop to manufacture the other mechanical components. The original mouse that the team assembled was large and bulky, in part because of the size of the available potentiometers. [Bill] English had also figured that he would need a device that would roll about five inches, a distance that could be translated into the width of the screen. That, in turn, required large wheels, which would rotate only once in five inches of travel.
  6. "Although it is commonly believed that the story of how the mouse got its name has been lost in history, Roger Bates, who was a young hardware designer working for Bill English, has a clear recollection of how the name was chosen. ... He remembers that what today is called the cursor on the screen was at the time called a 'CAT.' Bates has forgotten what CAT stood for, and no one else seems to remember either, but in hindsight it seems obvious that the CAT would chase the tailed mouse on the desktop." 
Source - John Markoff, What the Dormouse Said: How the 60's Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer, Penguin, Copyright 2005 by John Markoff, pp. 54-56.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Solving the Kashmir issue...

An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly that made the world community smile...

A representative from India began: ' Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Rishi Kashyap of Kashmir, after whom Kashmir is named.

When he struck a rock and it brought forth water, he thought, ' What a good opportunity to have a bath. ' He removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Pakistani had stolen them. '  

The Pakistani representative jumped up furiously and shouted, ' What are you talking about? The Pakistanis weren't there then. '

The Indian representative smiled and said, ' And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech. ' And they say Kashmir belongs to them..

PS: I am not sure if this true or not

PPS: I wish if this actually is true :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Launch of "GovernMint in India" - Book by T.S.R. Subramanian

For past few days, I was busy in the launch of the Book - "GovernMint in India" by T.S.R. Subramanian - a person who can leave you only impressed in all the meetings - he has been a top bureaucrat for India - what I liked in all the meetings is his approach to every thing - he always knew what he wants and somehow always maintained a tracer of activities in his mind.
........."He was chief secretary of UP in the period immediately after the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992. He rose to the post of Cabinet secretary in Government of India, the highest civil service position in the government, and worked under three prime ministers in this capacity......"
The book is actually his second - the earlier book - Journeys through Babudom and Netaland;
 was a bestseller of sorts. This one is a squeal to the earlier book and covers the state of governance in India.
The book was launched by India's Vice President - M. Hamid Ansari - and I must add here that I was totally impressed by his intellects - this is my fav part of his speech - 
...."This reminds me of what I had read in a book when I was in Iran many years back. A friend had analysed the state of Iran and concluded with a famous Persian couplet: 
Dar ein shab-e-siyaham gum 
gusht raah-e-maqsood Az gosha-e- baroon aayi,
ai kaukab-e-hidayat
(In this dark night the desired path is lost; O guiding star, do emerge from your corner so that I may see the path).".........

Details can be found in this Press Information Bureau (PIB) release of the event
Hoarding of the launch at the West gate for VIPs
From Left to Right - T.S.R. Subramanian (author of the book), His Excellency Sri M. Hamid Ansari (Vice President of India) and Kapish Mehra (Owner of Rupa and Co Publishing) 
With Tej
With Madhavi in center and Tej in right

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Simple Solution for Big Recession!

A friend forwarded it to me....

There was an article in the St. Petersburg Times newspaper last Sunday. The Business Section asked readers for ideas on "How Would You Fix The Economy?"
Here's what one guy wrote back:

Dear Mr.President,

There are about 40 million people over the age of 50 in the work force. Pay each of them $1 million as severance with the following stipulations:

1) They leave their jobs. Forty million job openings - Unemployment fixed.

2) They buy NEW American cars. Forty million cars ordered - Auto Industry fixed.

3) They either buy a house or pay off their mortgage - Housing Crisis fixed.

All this and it's still cheaper than the "bailout" !

Monday, March 02, 2009

Experience at the HCL Alumni meet...

Since the day I started my career at HCL in Branding - I have been fortunate to meet leadership who have actually made HCL what it is today...

Ajai Chowdhry - The entire world knows him as a great leader and such a great fellow - for me he is one of the most tech savvy person - he may not get time to be on Facebook, Linkedin, etc but he understands the power of social media 
Shiv Nadar - When you see him looking at you - eye to eye - you know what a truly passionate person he is about technology...he will never leave you un-impressed by his such a sharp knowledge about how technology is shaping lives of all and sundry - right from a village in India to a person sitting in New York
Apart from the experience of meeting people like these, I have always been trying to decode the true essence of "Brand HCL" - it had not been an easy task...

And then I happened to organize the very first official Alumni Meet for ex-HCLites - I got to meet the people who actually laid down the foundation stone of HCL...and boy! - what an experience it was!...

hearing stories about how they made sale of first PC made in the entire world!
Stories about how Shiv Nadar would perplex a business person by letting him use the HCL PC and not even asking for monies , who would then in return come back and buy dozens of PCs 
Instances when Arjun Malhotra would grab a deal (going to competitors) by just one phone call...
Ever since I had decided to be in technology - I always wanted to know how technology became the value proposition for "Brand India" ...

I think I got some of my answers that day by just looking at those people...
That is us - Anshul, Tej, Aritra - with Kiran Nadar, Arjun Malhotra and Shiv Nadar
That's me - Anshul Sushil with "The Arjun Malhotra" :) aka Superhero -
as the Headstrong people call their beloved CEO

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Burn after reading - (7/10)

"Burn after reading" is a star studded movie with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Malkovitch, etc - but with a different twist - and the twist is that your famous stars play roles of idiots. The movie with which I can draw a parallel here is India's cult movie -  "Jane Bhi Do Yaaron" - black comedy movie with complete head twisting tales of characters...

John Malkovitch plays a role of a CIA agent who has been demoted because of his drinking problem...George Clooeny - a womanizer politician - is going around with his wife - George is also sleeping with a woman called Linda. Linda works in a gym and is worried about her looks as she is getting  old and wants to have a relationship with a young person like George. Brad Pitt works in the gym with Linda.
All hell break lose when Brad finds a CD with John's secrets of CIA which he was writing in a book form after his quitting CIA. Some funny twists result in Linda and Brad (accidentally) blackmailing John.

The movie has a very different ending when the real culprits in the movie have a happy ending and the innocents get killed. Movie manifests a satire over US politics, CIA, etc and I think does a great job at hinting of rampant inconsistencies in social and political life of USA...

A fantastic movie...bu a word of caution is don't watch if you are Angelina Jolie - because you might actually start hating Brad for playing a character of such a dimwit character!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (7/10)

No need to explain this one...its a movie adaptation of  novel which needs no explanation at all!...

The plot - The story is about Arthur Dent, an Earthling, who finds himself in a bizarre of situation one day, when his home along with the Earth is blown away and he hitchhikes in an alien's spaceship. Thereby starts a mind boggling funny story...

Visual treatment - I loved the scenes...regardless of what others say, Garth Jennings has done a great job.
The scene where Slartibastfast takes Arthur into the factory workshop showing Earth Mark II is a visual treat!

The movie is full of exciting things, like this one -

Deep Thought has a logo for Apple Computer just to the right and above its electronic eye (which can be seen in closeups when Ford, Trillian and Zaphod are speaking to the computer). - Wikipedia 

Apple logo was used to show Douglas Adams love for Macintosh.

A must watch! 

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Apocalypto - (8/10)

Totally blown away!...for the first 1 hour, I was just trying to come back to terms with my real life...for a person who is very curious to know more about Mayan Civilization , this movie was a treat!

The plot is very simple - a man takes revenge from the villains for killing his friends and family , the twist is - it is set in Mayan times - just when Maya civilization was about to vanish...

The visuals are amazing of the movie...forest and such remarkable pristine landscapes that you can't even think of rising from the chair for even a second!...

Apocalypto is an epic movie - by Mel Gibson, and its not in English - language is also Mayan which adds more fervor to the main feels real....

PS: Do not watch this movie during lunch or dinner time - the movie has scenes with lot of blood and beware...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two scandals that shook the IT Industry...

I know how it feels....which is the other one???...but in a way it was as important as the next one ( if not more) - as it showed that there was something wrong in one of most respected company ever of India - Infosys!

Yes.. the first one was the sexual harassment case happened in Infosys - Phaneesh Murthy who was once a blue eyed boy of Indian IT and was doing wonders for Infosys - was exposed as a boss who was having indecent proposals to an employee...Infosys resolved the case out of court and spent $3Mn ...very few days later the case was resolved we heard another employee, Jennifer Griffith, claimed that Phaneesh harassed her as well...

That case shocked all and sundry!...The company that spoke about ethics had a black sheep!...the person who had become face of Brand India was mentoring a person who would tarnish his own company's image!...

What I had not liked at that time though was - 

1. Why did Infosys not send Phaneesh to jail? Was not Reka Maximovitch also an employee? Can money compensate for everything?
2. Why is the same NR Murthy talking of not hiring any employees from Satyam - just because they worked in a tainted company? Does it not sound very weird? 

Anyways that case was closed by PR expert Infosys team and everyone forgot about it...

And then the second shocker came...Another face of Indian IT - Ramalinga Raju came out as a fake guy!...
Its too early to comment on what happened behind the scenes and whose fault it is , etc etc....

But its for sure that the Indian IT Sector which had resulted into Brand India  - is doing its best to also tarnish the sheen...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Goof up at Washington Post!!!

The daily news mailer from Washington Post  goes out to millions of readers...and they forgot to give a headline to the mailer?!?
Someone at the execution level must have lost his job after this!!!...