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Latest News - Getting married…

Well…I am not quite good in breaking news so let me tell the news without much hoopla - I am getting married to Aakriti on 6th December

Details of marriage could be gathered here 
Aakriti and I met during our post graduation and we complemented each other quite well…me being brash and cantankerous and she literally and figuratively acted as "better half" by being calmer and more patient…so we mutually agreed that she needs to be the "better half" for my life as well…
Lot has been said about love and love marriage and I want to refrain from all that…in simple words…Aakriti knows how to fill colors to my thoughts and hence enable me "to dream" – if today I am a "successful dreamer" then she is quite well the raison d'etre of all my dreams… 

Aakriti – looking forward to have a great life with you…


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