Monday, October 06, 2008

Happiness and Sadness are mirror images!

Have you ever noticed that its so tough to differentiate between dusk and dawn? is there something that nature is trying to teach us by their example? 
This is the thought which struck in my mind once I saw the above picture by Nazli Yilmaz Bolat

Dawn and Dusk are nothing but like matter and antimatter - part of each other...neither can survive without the other , actually neither can exist without the other and will lose its existence...

Is it not exactly the case with happiness and sorrow in our lives? 

In fact, they bear the same relationship with life - happiness will lose the exuberance attached to it if there would be no sadness...and at the same time- if there would be no happiness but only sadness - people will lose the motivation to live life because there would be no reason to live life! 

Photo Courtesy - Nazli Yilmaz Bolat
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