Thursday, October 09, 2008

13 Tzameti - (8/10)

13 Tzameti (Tzameti means 13 in Georgian language, native of the director) is a thrilling sensational movie which will pace up your hearts for 88 minutes the movie will last! 

The story is about a 22 year old Sebastian (played by George Babluani), who is a worker in a house to earn living for his poor family. Then one day the owner of the house dies because of his morphine intake and by chance (or mischance), Sebastian gets hold of a mail with a ticket and hotel bills for the owner.

Sebastian decides to go in his place as he understands there are lot of monies at stake and he decides to take his chance...he least expected that his chance will land him up in a roulette game where 13 men arrange themselves in a  circle and shoot themselves off...and Sebastian gets to be the 13th person...

The movie, by Géla Babluani, is in black and white to curtail down the blood but in my view it adds up to the thrill even further...blackness in the movie makes each and every second full of such abyss of suspense that I recommend this movie not at all for teenagers or for faint hearted...

There is a  dialogue in the movie by a gambler who wants to bet on Sebastian, who is like a baby amongst his opponent and totally unexperienced in the game,  
"It's when I have logic against me that I have more luck!" 
This dialogue alone made me give the movie 1 number more than 7 which added up because of cinematography, ruthlessness and carelessness depicted by No. 6 and other players,  also the details to attention paid by director is noteworthy. In all I give the movie total of 8 of 10 points.

A must must watch for all world cinema lovers :)
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