Monday, September 29, 2008

UTVi News Blooper- How "NOT TO USE" Google in Internet Campaign!

As a brand marketer, I have often debated and hailed Google's Adsense program, SEM/SEO, etc with so many agencies, fellow brand managers...and how it can help reaching out to customers you really want to...

I think the Adsense program is really great but what is critical, when a brand is using it in its campaign, is to continuously monitor how your campaign is doing...its basic difference from banner (Web 1.0) mode of advertising on it being very very dynamic!
A recent example of this is UTVi news campaign... what I see in my regular mail blast of NYT is a news from 24th September about  Large Hadron Collider being closed and the ad in Google section is still talking about 10th September, Wednesday when it started!
It saddens me to say but brand marketers still need to understand and make use of SEO and SEM effectively...
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