Friday, September 19, 2008

Meaning of life lies in our death…Can you feel it?

I had a terrible day today...nothing seemed to be going my way was one of those days when you have to curl back into your own self and just be patient for the day to pass...

I decided to do that...was in control of myself and then I got a mail from Dailiywriting tips of their new website...

Their topics touched my senses and decided to write on the topic- The Meaning of Life -

Look forward for your comments and ratings on the website - 


Imagine you are dying…right now…what do you see? Whom do you think about? Do you see those eyes which made you love life? What do you smell? But most importantly how do you feel?

Have you ever studied how a baby behaves? If she does not get something – she cries…but a mother can very easily focus her attention on something else and she gets content with the new thing. The baby, thus, forgets what she was earlier craving for…there is insinuations for meaning of life there…did you get them?
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