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Role that MBA education should play...

Lot of people have been asking / discussing and debating with me whether an MBA from IIM A or SP JAIN makes sense...I decided to write a post on topic which is very relevant today...when the going has gotten tough and there is urgent need for all of us to mark a difference from milions of other students...
 Harvard Business School or IIM Ahmedabad or Amity or IIPM?

I am not talking about your salary here...but let me put it this way...if you want a career (and not a job!) then it does not matter at all...What is more important is what you do with the education you have got in the B School and also in your attitude...Just try to think of the name of the person (in real life) who has actually impressed you...chances are that person may not be actually an MBA or if he is - you may not remember his MBA school...

Students are so much bothered while selecting schools - yes, its right to do so...And you should lose your night sleep over it...but what I don't appreciate is even after having done , people crib about not having got through Havard or IIM A...I find it funny!...Remember - MBA school can not make you successful...its your personal caliber...A good MBA school can give you a platform but what you do there at that platform is what YOU need to know...and the same platform will come if you are really smart in life...opportunities do not ask or resume before knocking at your door!

Top 5 things MBA School education do for you

1. be eager for live projects from industry...

Remember practicality is what any education should teach you...while most of B-school adopt case studies approach ...which is fine...but what you as a student should look for real projects from helps you build your resume and can come quite handy when you are appearing for jobs as well..

2. Learn to make you work like a horse and not like donkey...
Remember, when you are in the industry, you will have so much work that even if you work 24X5 it would not finish...MBA education should help you in managing and prioritizing your work loads...Also on managing the relationships in the office is important...while in B School you are free to choose whom to work with and whom not - chance is you will get the worst of people when you join your first be smart!...practise all this in MBA just go and team with the guy whom you hate most and try working with him...or go to the most cantankerous girl and work with her on that Accounts project ...that will help you...believe me :)

3. Learn all the tools, software, applications possible...
Remember, you will never get a chance to learn new tools,  softwares or applications when you are in the corporate if you are planning to be in Media - learn the intricacies of Excel Sheet, if you want to be in Branding - master PowerPoint!

Let me give my own example - Atleast 60% of the softwares that run on my laptop are the ones I learnt to use in MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad)...I still get praises from my boss to be good in PowerPoint and every important presentation has to go through one knows that I had earnt atleast 25-35K as a project for Birla group of Industries in a live project when i was heading a team for making a corporate presentation for them...

Its a necessity to be good in MS PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Irfan View, Google (Not just Search) and Movie maker

4. Develop a personality because you will never ever get a chance to do it later...
Personality traits, social graces, facility with language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism mark people to varying degrees. Soft skills complement hard skills, which are the technical requirements of a job.
Remember while in MBA - you get to meet a diverse set of people...while in graduation all of the students are like minded...MBA offers a wide variety of people...its the most important time to pick up good habits...these habits will help you develop a personality...everyone wants to look up to you just give them a chance!

For Guys - 
  1. Learn Dancing
  2. Learn reading a book
  3. Learn to give compliments to girls
  4. Learn on dressing sense
  5. Learn on looking clean even when you have not had a bath!
 For Girls -
  1. Learn numbers and basic tips on mathematics
  2. Learn a few tips on technology
  3. Learn on smiling
  4. Learn to take compliments from guys 
  5. Learn to read newspapers and stay updated with current affairs
 5.   Make you disciplined!
You may mot understand this until you are in the corporate world...every boss loves discipline...try to think of what values you will want to have in office, try to think of what you actually want to be after 10 years...try to think of what is your motivation tool...MBA time is best to think of what you want to do in life (and thereafter!)

Academics and Practicality need to result into Professional if you want to succeed - get going!

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