Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eye in the Sky (8/10)

A totally thrilling movie for a perfect much so that I got scolding from my girl friend for not taking her phone...

The movie actually depicts story around character called Piggy (codenamed in the intelligent services) - who has just joined the surveillance unit of Hong Kong. The unit is trying to catch the trail of burglars of jewelery store ...quite unlike other HK movies like Infernal Affair - there is not much blood and gore in the movie.

Piggy is played by beautiful Kate Tsui - (Miss Honk Kong 2004) and she has done a fairly good performance - showing her amateurishness for a new joinee in force and yet oozing out with confidence in the last scene - I loved the way Piggy is nurtured by Dog faced - played by Simon Yam ( A Brilliant HK veteran actor) ...The lead in the negative role is played by "Big Tony" of Hong Kong film industry and he has done a brilliant performance...he is the man in control with his power and can be quiet vicious when he wants...his presence during the movie is enough to bring chill in the spine...

My most favorite scene in the movie is when Brother Shan comes to Piggy in the restaurant ala the starting scene when Dogfaced had done exactly similar exercise  - and post this scene we know that Piggy is going to be a great resource in the team - and all the confusions in her mind about her future in the force gives way to confidence when Doghouse in the scene looks and smiles - as if telling her "Good Show! Piggy!"

Must watch for world cinemas out there!

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