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Do you love yourself?

Sometimes, we all feel like we don't exist , well metaphorically, what we actually mean in those times is that we have ceased to make any big bang in and around us and therefore we have ceased to exist.

There are high times and there are low times in our life...the post is not about whether its right to feel like that or not .

Its about when we become critical of ourselves and start admiring others - that is injurious...that does not only harm an individual but also conjures a lot of illness to her brains because it starts feeling sub-ordinate...

Consider these two cases - 

 lady A- Woke up on Sunday morning and this is her schedule -

 6:00 am - Wakes up
6-8 am - Yoga, Prayer and meditation
8 am- Cooks breakfast for the family
8-11 am - Indulges herself in a book
11am -13:00 pm - Cooks her favorite lunch for herself and her husband
13:00pm - 16:00pm - Time for Sunday siesta
16:00-21:00 - Outing with husband and dinner
21:00 - 23:00 - Catches a movie on World Cinema and sleeps

Case study #2 -

Lady B's schedule on a Sunday morning...

11:00am - She wakes up and wakes her husband (who is still sleeping)
12:00 noon- Husband and wife watch a movie and start their regular discussions
15:00 pm - lady B cooks lunch
16:00 - 21:00 - lady B and her husband go out with lady A and her husband
21:00 - Lady B and her husband decide to go to discotheque
24:00 Lady B and husband back to home and decide to watch a classic
2am - lady B sleeps

Whom do you think is having a better life?
Whom do you think is content in her life?

Now lets go back to Lady A -

Lady A is satisfied? No - She compares herself with lady B - who is close friend of hers and lady A feels irritated that she can not wake up till till late night and for Disc since she starts feeling sleepy...she also 

is lady B satisfied? No - She has lately started feeling pain in her body and her doctor has recommended her to do Yoga and exercise....she therefore feels jealous of lady A..

So...this is my point...we all compare ourselves with people around...its good to gain inspiration from others but its very unwarranted to have a relative measurement of one's happiness???

We should all love ourselves...we should love ourselves in whatever we are and what we can and will be...
We should never ever chide ourselves for not having done something...because then you are not only showing dis-respect to yourself but also you are feeding into your mind that you have faults...

And mind you...once your mind gets convinced that you have faults - it will reciprocate with loss of confidence...and thus ultimately you are reason alone for your demise...

Bottom line - We all should love ourselves without any condition...
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