Sunday, August 31, 2008

Do you love yourself?

Sometimes, we all feel like we don't exist , well metaphorically, what we actually mean in those times is that we have ceased to make any big bang in and around us and therefore we have ceased to exist.

There are high times and there are low times in our life...the post is not about whether its right to feel like that or not .

Its about when we become critical of ourselves and start admiring others - that is injurious...that does not only harm an individual but also conjures a lot of illness to her brains because it starts feeling sub-ordinate...

Consider these two cases - 

 lady A- Woke up on Sunday morning and this is her schedule -

 6:00 am - Wakes up
6-8 am - Yoga, Prayer and meditation
8 am- Cooks breakfast for the family
8-11 am - Indulges herself in a book
11am -13:00 pm - Cooks her favorite lunch for herself and her husband
13:00pm - 16:00pm - Time for Sunday siesta
16:00-21:00 - Outing with husband and dinner
21:00 - 23:00 - Catches a movie on World Cinema and sleeps

Case study #2 -

Lady B's schedule on a Sunday morning...

11:00am - She wakes up and wakes her husband (who is still sleeping)
12:00 noon- Husband and wife watch a movie and start their regular discussions
15:00 pm - lady B cooks lunch
16:00 - 21:00 - lady B and her husband go out with lady A and her husband
21:00 - Lady B and her husband decide to go to discotheque
24:00 Lady B and husband back to home and decide to watch a classic
2am - lady B sleeps

Whom do you think is having a better life?
Whom do you think is content in her life?

Now lets go back to Lady A -

Lady A is satisfied? No - She compares herself with lady B - who is close friend of hers and lady A feels irritated that she can not wake up till till late night and for Disc since she starts feeling sleepy...she also 

is lady B satisfied? No - She has lately started feeling pain in her body and her doctor has recommended her to do Yoga and exercise....she therefore feels jealous of lady A..

So...this is my point...we all compare ourselves with people around...its good to gain inspiration from others but its very unwarranted to have a relative measurement of one's happiness???

We should all love ourselves...we should love ourselves in whatever we are and what we can and will be...
We should never ever chide ourselves for not having done something...because then you are not only showing dis-respect to yourself but also you are feeding into your mind that you have faults...

And mind you...once your mind gets convinced that you have faults - it will reciprocate with loss of confidence...and thus ultimately you are reason alone for your demise...

Bottom line - We all should love ourselves without any condition...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Big Boss - Big Goof-up!

In the contest of Rakhi v/s Rahul Mahajan to be turned out of Big Boss home , a rare oddity was observed....

The official website of the serial mentioned at about 10:20 pm (date - 29Aug08) that Rakhi is evicted while just above the news, a placeholder reflected a banner for voting for them...

And at 11:10pm - same day the placeholder was replaced with Coming Soon! flash...

Being a brand marketer myself...I think its a serious goof-up announcing news on Internet before TV which is mainstream media for the show.

Consider this...advertisers who have placed ads between the show - just because the elimination day is supposed to have higher TRPs would have found thousands of viewers switching off the TV since they already know the  result - like me and my family - we switched channels once we knew who has won!...thousands of monies would mean millions of rupees ..considering the high rate of a 10 seconder on the show

Colors is a nice channel and is from Viacom 18 - who is a great marketer....and coming form them I think its a serious goof-up...

Time to learn some marketing lessons for them!

BluePont - Cool mobile dating application based on your location...

Just read on Sociable Blog
"Ever wondered if someone around the corner might be interesting to meet but you would never know? Ever felt like striking a conversation with a guy/girl in the elevator but it just did not happen? Makers of one of the coolest mobile social networking applications – BluePont – have now made it all possible."
Mobile phones today are growing at breakneck speed in India ...with about 9 Million users added in July 2008!  and with the youth population around 60% of India's population, I think the product has very good prospect in India as well...
Dating, has always been, and will always be important...just like love has been an ingredient in all movies - dating is the spice of every body's life...
Combining mobile phone and dating gives us a killer - dating while being on mobile phone - which I am sure is craze in every country...And I think BluePont's technology is pretty good in mobile dating - They maintain privacy and connect people which is based on proximity match 
I also like their brand positioning...a simple google on dating will give you millions of search...but BluePont team has done a clever thing - they are not targeting the dating crowd - they are looking at anyone and everyone who is looking for a companionship - not just for date or dinners but also for music concerts, a cricket match, etc...if the product actually does all the above...then I have no doubt that it will spread like wild fire...there are millions of people who are looking for just the right companion to not get bored in life...
Company source -

Friday, August 22, 2008

Role that MBA education should play...

Lot of people have been asking / discussing and debating with me whether an MBA from IIM A or SP JAIN makes sense...I decided to write a post on topic which is very relevant today...when the going has gotten tough and there is urgent need for all of us to mark a difference from milions of other students...
 Harvard Business School or IIM Ahmedabad or Amity or IIPM?

I am not talking about your salary here...but let me put it this way...if you want a career (and not a job!) then it does not matter at all...What is more important is what you do with the education you have got in the B School and also in your attitude...Just try to think of the name of the person (in real life) who has actually impressed you...chances are that person may not be actually an MBA or if he is - you may not remember his MBA school...

Students are so much bothered while selecting schools - yes, its right to do so...And you should lose your night sleep over it...but what I don't appreciate is even after having done , people crib about not having got through Havard or IIM A...I find it funny!...Remember - MBA school can not make you successful...its your personal caliber...A good MBA school can give you a platform but what you do there at that platform is what YOU need to know...and the same platform will come if you are really smart in life...opportunities do not ask or resume before knocking at your door!

Top 5 things MBA School education do for you

1. be eager for live projects from industry...

Remember practicality is what any education should teach you...while most of B-school adopt case studies approach ...which is fine...but what you as a student should look for real projects from helps you build your resume and can come quite handy when you are appearing for jobs as well..

2. Learn to make you work like a horse and not like donkey...
Remember, when you are in the industry, you will have so much work that even if you work 24X5 it would not finish...MBA education should help you in managing and prioritizing your work loads...Also on managing the relationships in the office is important...while in B School you are free to choose whom to work with and whom not - chance is you will get the worst of people when you join your first be smart!...practise all this in MBA just go and team with the guy whom you hate most and try working with him...or go to the most cantankerous girl and work with her on that Accounts project ...that will help you...believe me :)

3. Learn all the tools, software, applications possible...
Remember, you will never get a chance to learn new tools,  softwares or applications when you are in the corporate if you are planning to be in Media - learn the intricacies of Excel Sheet, if you want to be in Branding - master PowerPoint!

Let me give my own example - Atleast 60% of the softwares that run on my laptop are the ones I learnt to use in MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad)...I still get praises from my boss to be good in PowerPoint and every important presentation has to go through one knows that I had earnt atleast 25-35K as a project for Birla group of Industries in a live project when i was heading a team for making a corporate presentation for them...

Its a necessity to be good in MS PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Irfan View, Google (Not just Search) and Movie maker

4. Develop a personality because you will never ever get a chance to do it later...
Personality traits, social graces, facility with language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism mark people to varying degrees. Soft skills complement hard skills, which are the technical requirements of a job.
Remember while in MBA - you get to meet a diverse set of people...while in graduation all of the students are like minded...MBA offers a wide variety of people...its the most important time to pick up good habits...these habits will help you develop a personality...everyone wants to look up to you just give them a chance!

For Guys - 
  1. Learn Dancing
  2. Learn reading a book
  3. Learn to give compliments to girls
  4. Learn on dressing sense
  5. Learn on looking clean even when you have not had a bath!
 For Girls -
  1. Learn numbers and basic tips on mathematics
  2. Learn a few tips on technology
  3. Learn on smiling
  4. Learn to take compliments from guys 
  5. Learn to read newspapers and stay updated with current affairs
 5.   Make you disciplined!
You may mot understand this until you are in the corporate world...every boss loves discipline...try to think of what values you will want to have in office, try to think of what you actually want to be after 10 years...try to think of what is your motivation tool...MBA time is best to think of what you want to do in life (and thereafter!)

Academics and Practicality need to result into Professional if you want to succeed - get going!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eye in the Sky (8/10)

A totally thrilling movie for a perfect much so that I got scolding from my girl friend for not taking her phone...

The movie actually depicts story around character called Piggy (codenamed in the intelligent services) - who has just joined the surveillance unit of Hong Kong. The unit is trying to catch the trail of burglars of jewelery store ...quite unlike other HK movies like Infernal Affair - there is not much blood and gore in the movie.

Piggy is played by beautiful Kate Tsui - (Miss Honk Kong 2004) and she has done a fairly good performance - showing her amateurishness for a new joinee in force and yet oozing out with confidence in the last scene - I loved the way Piggy is nurtured by Dog faced - played by Simon Yam ( A Brilliant HK veteran actor) ...The lead in the negative role is played by "Big Tony" of Hong Kong film industry and he has done a brilliant performance...he is the man in control with his power and can be quiet vicious when he wants...his presence during the movie is enough to bring chill in the spine...

My most favorite scene in the movie is when Brother Shan comes to Piggy in the restaurant ala the starting scene when Dogfaced had done exactly similar exercise  - and post this scene we know that Piggy is going to be a great resource in the team - and all the confusions in her mind about her future in the force gives way to confidence when Doghouse in the scene looks and smiles - as if telling her "Good Show! Piggy!"

Must watch for world cinemas out there!

Picture poster courtesy -

La Spagnola (English - The Spanish Woman) (6/10)

La Spagnola reflects upon lives of Lola and Lucia - mother and daughter - both , in a way, suffer because of loving (in their own way) - Ricardo - husband of Lola and Father of Lucia. Lola loved him so much - but never showed and was always fighting with him for better life while Lucia loved him without any expectations and too suffers from him , when one day he decides to leave both of them for an Australian cool headed blond. All hell loose for mother and daughter duo - as they were financially dependent on Ricardo.

Director , Steve Jacobs, has not led his prejudices come in putting the characters out for viewers - and as a viewer you are left to form any impression about the characters.
  • Ricardo has been shown to be a superfluous guy who is only interested in flesh and nothing else.
  • Lola - though loves her husband but throughout the movie she comes across as a cacophonous and belligerent - fighting with her husband.
  • Lucia - 13 year old girl - ugly duckling - who has to survive death of her animals - pigeons and goat - and yet be with her mother is the biggest pain in her life.

Like most of the Spanish movies - there are beautiful colors in the movie...and the movie leaves lot of lose threads for the viewer to imagine his or her own answers - this is the reason why a viewer starts bonding to any movie and this is what happens with this one as well...

The irony in the movie is Lucia serves as communicator between Australian doctor and other immigrant patients and yet there is such a huge gap of communication between her mother and herself.

The rumbustious humour, gleefully mixing sex, scatology, and food, resembles Fellini at his most burlesque, while the hints of the surreal and the supernatural recall South American magic realism. Marceli's operatic performance as the self-dramatising Lola suits these moods perfectly, but it is Ansara's quieter, more restrained performance that provides the film's truest moments ...courtesy - BBC Films Review

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Les Chevaliers du ciel (English - Sky Fighters) (8/10)

I happen to see this movie by was Independence day and we wanted to go out and watch some movie...with other options being typical masala movies like "Singhh is King" and "God Tussi Great Ho" , we decided to settle for this French movie. So there we were in Select City Walk with the tickets of this unknown movie.

A quick search on Google told me that it is a "French Thriller" movie...and I had no idea that I was in for such a great surprise...

The movie revolves around two pilots - Captains Marchellia and Fahrenheit - Marchellia had to shoot down a demo Mirage which has been brought to Farnborough Airshow - and this ultimately results into their expulsion from Services. Subsequently they get a chance to work on a secret mission and fight off the terrorists and save Paris.
While watching the movie - I was often reminded of Tom Cruise starrer Top Gun but this one differs from Top Gun as most of the shots in the movie has been shot in air while Top Gun had most of the stories happening in land.
Movie has some real breathtaking visuals of aerial landscape in and around France especially the one scene which has it is..

The soundtrack of the movie is divine!...My favorite being  You're the conversation - I'm the game and Girl talk...

Being an avid cloud watcher myself , this movie came out to be a visual treat....

For all the dreamers out there - its a must watch movie for you.

Even one of the the most talked about couple of India - Priyanka Gandhi with her husband Robert Vadra  was there watching the movie...rumor mills tell me that the movie was specially screened for the couple since Gandhi family has always been so passionate with airplanes ...if its true are true then I am thankful to them!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Five people you meet in Heaven

Writing complicated thoughts simply is the biggest jewelry of any writer.  And Mitch is a goldsmith by this standard. He knows what it is to feel the writing and it is expressed in each and every line he writes...when you  read his book it feels as if someone is narrating you story but then when you raise your eyes to look around for the person there is none...

What remains after reading this book of his is...thoughtful serenity - you will start looking at most of things which fill your everyday of life - useless! would rather start thinking about those people whom you want to give importance but have not been able to do a hope of meeting them in heaven...

I believe - a book which can compel me to run directly from my office just to finish the book - is a great book :)...I finished it in 2 days when I was terribly busy in office and had to wake up till 3am during weekdays...simply put - I loved the book...

Book starts with THE END of a person called Eddie - and captures the very last moments of his life...its tragic but the very first chapter succeeds in establishing a relationship between Eddie and reader...

And then Eddie starts experiencing what heaven has to offer - meeting 5 people - some expected and some unexpected - who  played very important role in his life.

1st person - Blue Man tells Eddie -
"No life is a waste. The only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we are alone"
So true! Infact I believe the only biggest fear that anyone of us have is - I have no one! and I am alone. I am sorry but let me tell all of you so thinkers - you are wasting your own life!

And the 2nd person - The Captain reveals to Eddie -
"Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're not really losing it. You're just passing it on to someone else."
Its a very tough thing to understand and more tough is to live upto this thought...we are all so mired into selfishness that we forget that we are many times it happens to us...we lose our religion over such a thoughtless thing, we cry because we have lost an opportunity or something...but think about it yo think you would actually not get the thing if you really wanted it?

 The third person - Eddie's relationship with his father finally establishes when Ruby teaches him...
"Holding anger is a poison...It eats you from inside...We think that by hating someone we hurt them...But hatred is a curved blade...and the harm we do to others...we also do to ourselves..." 
 I loved the phrase about love in the episode where Eddie meets Margueritte as 4th person -
"Love , like rain, can nourish from above, drenching couples with a soaking joy. But sometimes, under the angry heat of life, love dries on the surface and must nourish from below, tending to its roots, keeping itself alive."
Its true...many times we feel the love inside the relationship has ...true love can never die..hat can die is its fervidness...what is needed then is to seed it ...but most of the times it finds its own way....

The book ended with me pondering...thinking about myself....thinking about my Last journey...thinking about who would those 5 persons i will meet in heaven?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Looking at Technology from the eyes of people @ Bottom of Pyramid

My current discussion with an extremely brilliant person in the fields of consumer behavior regarding 
"Role technology is playing for the people at the bottom of the pyramid" - i.e.for people who earn daily wages like Auto rickshaw people, washerwoman, courier boy - is yes like a fairy tale story...
Never before it would have happened that I send an sms to my maid servant on what want to have breakfast in the morning and she comes prepared with vegetables etc...or I just call up my vegetable wala and I get fresh vegetables on Saturday morning....truly fantastic...

But this is the second time it has happened in India...first was STD boom - Thanks to Sam Pitroda...when Lakhs of jobless Indians got jobs by opening up STD booths across hundreds of cities...But yes Mobile penetration had not been such deep-rooted like this before...though I strongly believe STD Booth boom was no doubt the first version of the success which has led to today's Phase 2 story....because that introduced people to "Phone"....and then came "Mobile Phone"

Let me attempt and put a fresh perspective on this phenomenon...What then led to the spread of mobile phone to the Target Group we are talking about is also because of some Trends and psychological reasons - which people have hardly noticed - here are some of my thoughts...

Because of the boom in Indian economy - started because of IT / ITES and then carried forward coz of Retail, Transport, Aviation etc - what started was the BIG SHIFT OF MIDDLE CLASS - which started around 1990s-1995s and was most visible around 1995-2000s which was also the start of Telecom's story in India - 1996 - Mobile call was 16 Rs - and in 2005 it was 1Re...

Psychological angles-
1. "Sons and daughters" of Allahabad, Aligarh, Coaimbatore etc left home and came to Bangalore, Noida, etc - and to communicate with them - their parents found a cheap mobile phone quite comfortable...

2. With this "new middle class emergence" - there also has happened a splurge of movement from Villages to such towns and cities- coz this new class needed someone to cook their food, wash clothes and they had money with them! - today there are numerous autowallas in NCR who are from villages of Allahabad...and even they find 50 paise call per minute quite handy to be connected to their Home...

3. Since the technology was cheap and easily available - it became economic viable to keep a phone with yourself - just cost Rs. 150 per month and you can then start servicing a co-operative society by becoming a washerwoman, laundry guy, errands boy, etc...

"So as we observe it is the affordability -from consumer's point of view which has made this happen...while from Business point of view..the technology needed to be (a) Sustainable and (b) Scalable - And these two will then make any technology have an epidemic and large scale effect ....Profitability and Viability are offshoots of these..".

Largely this is what fascinates about technology to me - keep the basics right...think from Consumer and work like a business person :)...and you get such great results!!!

(source - excerpt from the discussions)

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne

I don't like a "self-help" book - but I got curious with this book as this book had been doing quite good in States and raking up quite good ranking. I got curious and thus decided to read this one.

I did not like the book much - I already know what the basic tenet the book has harped in more than 150 pages (and there is a movie as well!!!)

The Book talks about 'Being Optimistic" - we need to think that we can do anything because of "Law of Attraction" -
The "Law of Attraction" principle posits that feelings and thoughts can attract events, from the workings of the cosmos to interactions among individuals in their physical, emotional, and professional affairs.
Summary is - If you think you can do it - you will be able to anything else NO!

If you want someone to fall in love with you - first love yourself - since like attracts like - if you are not happy or content with yourself how will any other person be?  If you don't send out I AM WORTHY LOVE message in the universe - how will the universe be able to understand you

The book is presented in a narrative dialogue documentary manner and is an easy read....the best part is the summary of each chapter given in the end...

Overall - I think if you don't know that you can do wonders by your mind - i.e. by positive attitude - please do read the book else its worth a miss.