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The Secret Man - The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat

I had always wondered about Watergate scandal and I got a chance to clear some air about the mysteries in this book...though the book primarily deals with the main character who supplied Bob and Carl (the Washington posts journalists who played a major role in bringing out the crime and abuses under President Nixon's time)...and whoa! what a solid man the guy have to read the book to see the entire episode from his perspective...

It reads like a true revealing book of the main character behind the scandal - who was the guy who made it all possible? why did he not come out in the open...

Somehow after reading the book - Mark felt has been etched in mind as a truly mastermind and a genius spy...I wish If i could sit and talk to him...though the book tells that he is now suffering from memory loss and is about 90 years but still...

if you are not into the politics then I would strongly recommend you read the book with below list handy - there are so many characters in the book that you may lose the thread if you don't keep these handy...
  1. J. Edgar Hoover - Founding Director (FBI)
  2. E. Howard Hunt - Former CIA and White House consultant
  3. G.Gordon Liddy (Jr.) - Former FBI Agent
  4. W. Dean III - White House counsel
  5. Donald H. Segretti - political operative for the Committee to Re-elect the President
  6. Herbert W. Kalmbach - President personal lawyer
  7. Howard Simon - Washington Post's managing editor (then)
  8. Elsa Wash - Bob's wife
  9. Benjamin C. Bradlee - Former Washington Posts' executive editor
  10. John Dean and Leonard Garment - Nixon's lawyers for Watergate
  11. CREEP - Acronym for Committee for the re-election of President
  12. John N. Mitchell - Attorney general & Head of CREEP (then)
  13. Judy Hoback - Creep' bookkeeper
  14. Dita Beard - Washington lobbyist for International Telecom
  15. L. Patrick Gray III - Acting FBI Director
  16. W. Mark Felt - Acting associate director of FBI ; Deep Throat
  17. James McCord - Presumed lawyer of the 5 burglars of Watergate & salaried security coordinator for CREEP
  18. 4561414 - White House contact number (I have not tried so dont know if this still is ...)
  19. Charles Colson - Nixon's special counsel
  20. 17th June 1972 - Burglary happened
  21. Stanlee Pottinger - associate Attorney General heading the civil rights division
  22. Fred Weisberger - student of Turlock, California who speculated who "Deep Throat" was in his master's thesis
  23. Frank Willis - the security guard @ Watergate - died of brain tumor at age of 52
Overall - a good read to know the man who was the whistle blower of century's biggest political scandal....
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