Thursday, June 12, 2008

iPhone 2.0 ( or iPhone 3G)

The new iPhone is here...

Here is my analysis on this -
1. Cost - $199 (only of handset) which is definitely eye popping low price considering other such phones cost around $300 and also the earlier iPhone was $399

So if you are sitting in USA - read this -

Gizmodo did a fair amount of analysis and found out that iPhne v2.0 would be actually a bit costly than earlier version - here

Source -

But since Telecom operators in India are not (still) following the bundling strategy - it will be a great cost for Indian market

2. What is new - The new phone will run internet on 3G spectrum (atleast 2.5 faster than EDGE) which would be much faster than GPRS and other services available today...Point is when it happens in India - then what happens? Who will be AT & T here? Lets see

Apple is actually looking forward for the success of iPhones more than iPods coz if this is successful - it will help Apple to start selling the Macs and laptops

Another big question is - will Apple be able to topple the market of smartphones with this...I think the answer will be a big YES...considering the previous version has already sold about 1.7Mn units in first quarter of 2008 9when Nokia sold whopping 14.7 Mn)

Source - The Economist
It will be interesting to wait and watch the smart phones space...

Big questions which will be answered will be -

1. Will RIM (Blackberry creators) will have to give way for Apple and Nokia fight for the category - anyways they have stopped innovating long back

2. Who will be No. 1 - Nokia or Apple?

but one thing is for has been quite successful in maintaining its vision of creativity...Apple transform into now?
Right from Newton to iPhone...Apple has been able to transform like a phoenix again and again...

Hail Apple - Hail Steve Jobs!

PS - You should also check out the Apple website - they have communicated the message so perfectly -
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