Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Book - Age of Shiva

I had read Manil Suri's Death of Vishnu in December'05 (Post on it here) and even then I was so intrigued the way he cultures his characters. But this book - I was not impressed by anyone - I was so wrapped in the life of Meera - (The protagonist) - playing the role of mother, daughter, lover, sister, etc and each role making his life so complicated and yet when she is finally got rid of all the relationships - she feels empty.

The book has 5 chapters - each chapter makes Meera die and then reborn like a phoenix - ending of each chapter leaves you agape with what more will happen to her! and yet beginning of each new chapter somehow brings back the essence of life - HOPE...

The book succeeds in taking the reader into the roller coaster ride of relationship that still exists in the joint family that exists in India - full of "Hopelessness' and full of "Hopefullness" - full of sunrise and sunsets -

The last 4 days in which I read the book - I found myself somehow sad on Meera's if you want to read a fiction work to amuse you this is not for you
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