Saturday, June 07, 2008

Anne Frank 's diary

Book which is not just a book but an experience...window to the life of Anne Frank who was victim of holocaust during WWII...Anne maintained a diary - in fact she made two versions of her diary Version A - more explicit about details of herself and her family and Version B - more cut down version coz she has already thought of publishing it after the war.

Its incredible commentary on what happened around Anne while she was writing the harry (her lover just before she moved to hiding place) would have missed his entire she matured over the 2 years...the most important (emotionally and physically) years of any girl's life...and then her love for Peter...missing her friends...feeling guilty about so many things...sustaining strained with her mother

Just a matter of fact - I share the same date of birth as hers...12th June....
The entire week that I was reading the book - I found myself perpetually lost in it...questioning so many things that we take for granted in our life and realizing the importance only when we long for it. The book can make you sad. When I was class 12, I had read about Zlata Filipovic , a surivor of Sarajevo war which actually made me start writing diary and Anne frank has made me start thinking about life - differently...
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