Saturday, June 28, 2008

Top 5 things to happen once North Pole gets ice-free

CNN reports that North Pole is going to be ice free by this September

Well...its a great news ...10 things that I think will happen once North Pole is ice free are -

1. Five Seasons opens up its grand hotel there

2. Virgin starts first commercial flight to the hub of arctic circle

3. Travelpedia / Makemytrip will start the honeymoon cum adventure trip to Arctic (of course in collaboration with Virgin and Five Seasons)

4. There is lot of oil the bottom of North Pole - so may be the $140 barrel oil may come down

5. Santa Clause will be able to come on a horse

Read the CNN news here

Read the TIME news here

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Birthday - June 12

I had my birthday in June - this time it was a sleepy birthday as I wanted to rest ...but what made my day was two cakes and one life time gift from my girl friend :)

Memorable thing #1 - cake cut in office - there is one minor error in this if you can point out :)

Memorable thing #2 - cake cut at home - I could not have it as much as i wanted as I had a train journey to do :(...can I get it again or do I have to wait till my next birthday?

Memorable #3 - A photo album - which made me feel something of a superman!

Book - Age of Shiva

I had read Manil Suri's Death of Vishnu in December'05 (Post on it here) and even then I was so intrigued the way he cultures his characters. But this book - I was not impressed by anyone - I was so wrapped in the life of Meera - (The protagonist) - playing the role of mother, daughter, lover, sister, etc and each role making his life so complicated and yet when she is finally got rid of all the relationships - she feels empty.

The book has 5 chapters - each chapter makes Meera die and then reborn like a phoenix - ending of each chapter leaves you agape with what more will happen to her! and yet beginning of each new chapter somehow brings back the essence of life - HOPE...

The book succeeds in taking the reader into the roller coaster ride of relationship that still exists in the joint family that exists in India - full of "Hopelessness' and full of "Hopefullness" - full of sunrise and sunsets -

The last 4 days in which I read the book - I found myself somehow sad on Meera's if you want to read a fiction work to amuse you this is not for you

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

iPhone porn is here

Well there are some who say Internet was born for porn...and very soon people will say mobile phone was made for porn...

Sensing the start of a profitable new era for pocket porn, the adult entertainment industry is investing heavily and feverishly broadening its marketplace of iPhone porn.
The industry sees the iPhone 2.0 as having multiple advantages over the first model. For one thing, Apple's new gadget is nearly twice as fast as its predecessor at loading Web pages, and even faster at running video, which is crucial for the porn industry. About a third of iPhone users watch video on their phone, according to Nielsen Mobile, which is nearly 10 times the number that watch video on other cell phones. Three out of four iPhone users are men with above-average incomes, and iPhone users spend heavily on entertainment. More than a third of iPhone users shell out more than $100 on phone and data charges every month, as compared with just one-fifth of other cell-phone users.

Funny Funny!!! Lol!

For the TIMES article , click here
Photo courtesy - TIMES

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Funny beer commercials...

Confessions of confused minds!

Everything that glitters is not gold...every girl who smiles back is not admiring you and everything white is not ice!

Will someone tell these 3 notions of information cum wisdom bits to NASA?

Quoting CNN (Original news clip here)
Scientists believe that NASA's Phoenix Mars lander exposed bits of ice while recently digging a trench in the soil of the Martian arctic, the mission's principal investigator said Thursday.
Will the real scientists please stand up? will they ever start thinking out of the books and out of the horizons of minds? Will they ever start taking things beyond what they have been able to prove and put in the so called books of sciences which only gratifies their own primitive thought process of hardly a thousand years!

The white thing could be a smart piece devised by an intelligent alien put there as a spy tool? It could be merely a new substance which glittered and vanished when exposed in the sun?

No! The problem with scientists is that they can not accept any things beyond what they have gone to learn in their life! Its hard to accept anything if you have not seen or feel it!

Too much of an ego!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Book: Chariots of Gods?

Chariots of the Gods?: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past is a book written in 1968 by Erich von Däniken. It is centered on the hypothesis that many ancient civilizations' technologies and religion were given to them by space travelers who were welcomed as gods.

No...I dont think humans are not so lucky to be the only ones inhabiting the universe. I never believed it anyways. But what this book has made me realize is may be we need to look around ourselves with open eyes and open minds.

Have a look at following examples - book mentions lot of examples but I am mentioning only few of them here...

1. Egyptian Pyramids - Pyramids are such a precise examples of ancient engineering. Not even the best builders can replicate the pyramids today.
a) The height of pyramids of Cheops multiplied by a thousand million- - 98,000,000 miles- corresponds to the distance between Sun and Earth. - Coincidence?
b) Meridian running through the pyramids divides continents and oceans into exact halves
c) Area of the base of pyramid divided by twice its height gives the much celebrated figure of PIE (3.1415926)

The Great Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu) The stars were thought to have been the Nile in the sky. The southern shaft from the King's Chamber points directly to where Orion's Belt would have been in the ancient sky. The southern shaft of the Queen's Chamber points to Syrius. The northern shaft of the King's Chamber points to the circumpolar stars. These stars never disappear in the sky. It is thought that these shafts were to help the spirit of the dead pharaoh find the important stars. (More click here )
Were the pyramids made for aliens? or by aliens?

2. Nazca , Peru -

Human figure in Nazca lines - Did they make image of an ancient space traveler?

Why were these lines made? People have claimed that these could be for various reasons...response to Eye of God, Astronomical calendar, etc (For detail - click here)

3. Moai - who brought them to the Easter Island? and why?

4. Tiahuanacu, Bolivia

Was this made as a tribute to space "gods" who never came back? (click here to read more on this

5. Ancient map of Piri Reis - How was the (Turkish) Piri Reis, famous admiral, in 1513, able to draw such a precise map of world (when we did not know that Earth is round!)

The Piri Reis map shows the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica. The northern coastline of Antarctica is perfectly detailed. The most puzzling however is not so much how Piri Reis managed to draw such an accurate map of the Antarctic region 300 years before it was discovered, but that the map shows the coastline under the ice. Geological evidence confirms that the latest date Queen Maud Land could have been charted in an ice-free state is 4000 BC. (Click here to read more)

It is believed he had access to Libraries of Alexandria which dated back to thousands of years. But how come the ancient civilizations had such advanced technology to trace the world map? Did they know to fly? how come they tracked Antarctica which is all ice since thousands of years?

6) Great Siberian explosions in Taiga and Tunguska

Reports indicate that the cosmic object's original path would have taken it to Moscow. Millions of people would have died if the explosion happened there. Something saved Moscow. Something spared Moscow of an unimaginable human tragedy. The UFO cylinder changed course and exploded in a place where NOT ONE HUMAN DIED. The closest people to the Great Siberian Explosion had their huts destroyed and their clothes nearly burned off their backs.

Was it an act of God that diverted the course of the cosmic object? More likely, an alien race acted with compassion to save millions of human lives. Could two alien races have been at war and one protected the innocent lives below? We will never know exactly what happened. The truth is the ground is still shaking from the 1908 event. Click here to read more

A great book for people who are ready to read some unconventional stuff...I dont think the things stated in the book could be entirely true as Mr. Eric seems to have written a sensational piece - mention of Iron Pillar in India as a symbol of Aliens ( No way! - we have sufficient proof for it to be done during Vikramaditya's time) but do read to challenge your minds...

As a last note - what this book succeed in instilling in me - to not just see things around us and not just gape at skies for answers...may be the answers lie around us of whether we have company in Universe or not....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yahoo! or Yahoo?

Its time Yahoo changed its logo from "Yahoo!" to "Yahoo?" The excitement of "!" should give to horror of oblivion of "Yahoo ???"

It was time Yahoo did something...its finances were shrinking...and it was losing its grip on Internet...reason being its non-sharp marketing and inability to come up with innovative products (like Motorola )...and then now they have entered into deal with Google after so many rounds of discussion with Microsoft!

Though the pact with Google will be good for consumers - (1. We will be able to see yahoo messengers friend on Gtalk and vice versa) and Google (Most trafficked site - Yahoo getting in its advertising model) but what about Yahoo - the brand as we know it has died!

Digital Glutton

I read an article from New York Times and wondered on what extent of Digital Glutton I am suffering from.
Digital Glutton - Its the insatiable appetite of spending time online in search of information or entertainment
People have been spending more time on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, YouTube and then whatever time they have they are either blogging or uploading their photos from recent trip on their Picasa albums.

Looking at my own schedule of the day - I spend atleast 5 hours a day (which is above and beyond of the time I am sitting in front of laptop during office hours)...most of the time I am reading news 9sent to me on Gmail), checking my feeds in Feedburner, Blogging, Twittering, etc

I get mails from-
1. New York Times
2. BBC
3. Reuters
4. Wall Street Journal
5. CNet
6. Wired
7. Live Mint
8. CNN
9. DelanceyPage
10. Dailylit for book reading
11. A word a day
12. English tips for day

And then I have to maintain my virtual presence in following social networking websites -

1. Facebook
2. Linkedin
3. Goodreads
4. Twitter
5. Digg
6. Delicious
7. Firefox community
8. The Good Blog community
9. YouTube page
10. Google Video page
There are many others which I have to pay attention but the frequency is not as high for the above mentioned

And then I have 5 active blogs and 1 website to take care...

1. My main blog -
2. My Image blog -
3. My nephew blog -
4. My Branding blog -
5. My Technology blog -

My Website - ( and I also manage but then that is official work)

Then I read numerous blogs everyday - which I cant put here ....

Coming back to the article...

A typical information worker who sits at a computer all day turns to his e-mail program more than 50 times and uses instant messaging 77 times, according to one measure by RescueTime, a company that analyzes computer habits. The company, which draws its data from 40,000 people who have tracking software on their computers, found that on average the worker also stops at 40 Web sites over the course of the day.
Wow - Digital Glutton! at its best....wondering what happens when India actually has things moving on internet once we have legal frameworks and infrastructure for Internet!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

iPhone 2.0 ( or iPhone 3G)

The new iPhone is here...

Here is my analysis on this -
1. Cost - $199 (only of handset) which is definitely eye popping low price considering other such phones cost around $300 and also the earlier iPhone was $399

So if you are sitting in USA - read this -

Gizmodo did a fair amount of analysis and found out that iPhne v2.0 would be actually a bit costly than earlier version - here

Source -

But since Telecom operators in India are not (still) following the bundling strategy - it will be a great cost for Indian market

2. What is new - The new phone will run internet on 3G spectrum (atleast 2.5 faster than EDGE) which would be much faster than GPRS and other services available today...Point is when it happens in India - then what happens? Who will be AT & T here? Lets see

Apple is actually looking forward for the success of iPhones more than iPods coz if this is successful - it will help Apple to start selling the Macs and laptops

Another big question is - will Apple be able to topple the market of smartphones with this...I think the answer will be a big YES...considering the previous version has already sold about 1.7Mn units in first quarter of 2008 9when Nokia sold whopping 14.7 Mn)

Source - The Economist
It will be interesting to wait and watch the smart phones space...

Big questions which will be answered will be -

1. Will RIM (Blackberry creators) will have to give way for Apple and Nokia fight for the category - anyways they have stopped innovating long back

2. Who will be No. 1 - Nokia or Apple?

but one thing is for has been quite successful in maintaining its vision of creativity...Apple transform into now?
Right from Newton to iPhone...Apple has been able to transform like a phoenix again and again...

Hail Apple - Hail Steve Jobs!

PS - You should also check out the Apple website - they have communicated the message so perfectly -

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday, June 09, 2008

Book - Brida

I don't want to write much...I am disappointed by Paulo...I admired him as much as I do Richard Bach but he was so shallow in the novel that I will have to think 100 times before I read any more books by him...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Movies watched...

I found the movie lacking some logical turns and some unnecessary illogical turns were rampant in the movie...but definitely a movie to watch once....Abhishek looks classier than Amitabh in this...overall I would rate this high on dramatization - less in use of camera - it was so disturning to see such weird camera shots and the music was also not properly was too loud at some places and too feeble at some...but some scenes have come out good...

A weird but spell binding movie...leaves you still in your chair...and while you come to terms with one scene the other scene disturbs you even further...a great just in - Aakriti
is still not over the haunting story of the Jean-Baptiste Grenouille )

Such a fast paced movie...It was just a chance that i happen to see two movies with plots of main character having abnormal powers...

Anne Frank 's diary

Book which is not just a book but an experience...window to the life of Anne Frank who was victim of holocaust during WWII...Anne maintained a diary - in fact she made two versions of her diary Version A - more explicit about details of herself and her family and Version B - more cut down version coz she has already thought of publishing it after the war.

Its incredible commentary on what happened around Anne while she was writing the harry (her lover just before she moved to hiding place) would have missed his entire she matured over the 2 years...the most important (emotionally and physically) years of any girl's life...and then her love for Peter...missing her friends...feeling guilty about so many things...sustaining strained with her mother

Just a matter of fact - I share the same date of birth as hers...12th June....
The entire week that I was reading the book - I found myself perpetually lost in it...questioning so many things that we take for granted in our life and realizing the importance only when we long for it. The book can make you sad. When I was class 12, I had read about Zlata Filipovic , a surivor of Sarajevo war which actually made me start writing diary and Anne frank has made me start thinking about life - differently...