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Future of Internet...

With YouTube launching its Indian avatar and following suit of other biggies like AOL, Orkut, MySpace, etc...what triggers my mind is...what lies beyond?

In last 10 years Internet has gone leaps and beyond...Google - a totally web based company is one of the most profitable and the biggest brands today...revenue from advertising in Internet have already started giving tough fight to TV and Press...what will happen in next 10 years?

1990s - 2004 was era Web 1.0 when humans learnt to communicate to machines....

2004- till date has been of humans talking to humans ...via the rise of social networking we have atleast 100 of well known social networking sites...

It started with blogging sites - blogger, typepad, live Journal
and then Online Social Networks blew all steam - Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Linkedin...
and now there is rise of blogging+Online social networking sites - like twitter, brightkite, etc

Already talks are on for Intelligent and Semantic web - phrased as Web 3.0 start from 2010 when machines talk to machines (and thus making humans redundant!!! )

but what lies beyond?

After 25 years?....after 15 years? or even after 10 years? what would the friendly world wide web transform itself into?

No one is challenging and also scary...We don't know!
here is what all I think could have happened by then...

1. Fast speed will no more a delicacy but available to all via wimax or wifi ...(even in Agartala in India or La Paz in Bolivia) like water and food - this will be basic necessity of life

2. Net Neutrality - Net will no more be a democratic medium...Google would have bout AOL and and also AT&T....Microsoft would have been making hardware only and would have sold Hotmail to Motorola is siphoning off its hardware division if you would want to access any Google site - you will have to take take the broadband infrastructure from we pay for Pay Channels today...subscriptions based...

3. Google would have created such a strong vertical based search engine (which would work on images, speech, video, etc and not just texts) and it would be standard norm for any site to put a code into its site to be recognized by Google

4. The next big craze would be Video chatting or Vitting - no more chatting using plain and simple texts but with full emotions of faces...

5. People would have become so much into themselves 9as they would have bored of meeting new people on Social networking sites) that emphasis will be more on keeping them engaged as one human entity and not group of friends

Part 2 to follow...

PS: All the views and opinions expressed are just thematic and thoughts and I don't claim to be Nostradamus at all!
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