Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trip to Chennai and Pondicherry

I got a chance to visit Chennai (for the first time) from 16-18th May for taking a session on Branding@HCL for management trainees...

I lapped the chance with full interest....I was extremely busy till the day of flight but still managed to make some quick plans ...

You can watch the video of my trip below...

Here is my itinerary in short -

16th May
4 am - Started from home in Noida
9 am - Reached Chennai
12:30:1:15 noon - Session on "Branding@HCL"
3:30 pm - Caught local bus to go to Pondicherry

(I chose to go buy bus for pure economic reason - a cab would have cost me Rs. 3000 for the trip while the bus fare came to around Rs. 150 :)

8 pm - Reached Pondicherry
9 pm - I stayed at Park guest house - Aurobindo Ashram

It was a million dollar idea to have stayed at the guest gives a serene view of the bay of bengal , is very quiet 9just the way you want when you stay in Delhi...and that too at just Rs. 600 for night

from 12 midnight to 1am - I was just sitting in the garden looking at the waves and the moon...and dreaming...

17th May
5:30 am - I woke up and was mesmerized to what I saw in the morning light...beautiful view of the beach...coolness of the breeze...

5:30 - 7:00 am - I went around on the beach and tried to capture some of the most ravishing nature-scape in front of me...

7 am - 8:30 am - I hired a kinteic and went around exploring the place...( I was a little disappointed as there was hardly anything - the place is bloody commercialized...I had a fantastic time doing the same thing in Diu)

12:00 Noon - I got into the bus and started back to Chennai

4:00 Reached Chennai

5:00 - 7:00 - went around Chennai - made a quick visit to Marina beach, StThomas cathedral

7:30 pm - reached Airport

8:30 - Boarded the flight for Delhi

Now here I had the most nightmarish flight back to Delhi - Sitting in Indian Air lines flight IC 802 I witnessed 1.5 hours flying over Delhi because of congestion and bad weather - I had not prayed so hard in last few years...

I landed at 12:15 and thus ending the beautiful trip to Chennai and Pondicherry....

For pictures of the trip, click here

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