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Book: The Man who planted trees

I liked the simplicity of the book.

The way such a herculean task of planting trees in such a place and that too being so inspiring...taught me to be steady and loyal to a cause if I think its right....

Celebrations at HCL

Details available on request - can not write in a public forum

World in a whirl

Last few days went past as if I was sitting on a time machine and time just flew by...and now what I can remember right the fun at Hyderabad...a big shocking news which revoked the nostalgia for death...great news of Nirmal and Neha marriage ...marriage of Seth with Shomya and me not been able to be there...and some thoughts which have shaken and stirred me right now....

Hyderabad trip (1st week of Feb - 2008)

Me - trying to look good

At Golconda fort with Robin

With the happening couple - days before their marriage

For more pictures - click here