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The Full Moon

22nd January 2008...while going back to office around 7:30 pm....I saw the seemed it was beckoning me to look at it...and when I noticed...the scene of "Sex and Lucia" where the moon is shrouded by a was an amazing view...but before I present my views here are some of the views of people whom I reached out and I thought would have loved to see the moon in its form...

Consider this before you read on the bellow interpretations...

It was very chilly - around 4-5 degree centigrade...with lot of winds...moon was getting covered by fast moving clouds as if playing hide and seek with Earth...

1. I ve always loved full moon.....i can feel the presence of the ultimate power n let out all my inner thoughts n feelings n be sure of their secrecy....i can feel the warmth even in this chill..also i wonder as to what is the extent of nature's beauty...:-)

2. The chill invoked adventure in me, the darkness a fear and the unusual bright light of the moon beckoned …

Movies seen...

Since I am in movie watching spree these I am not going to write details of all the movies seen...I will discuss in detail

Evil Dead series I, II and III

1 was worth two just comedy

Silence of the lambs
- Saw it in train from Allahabad to New Delhi in the morning 5 am :)....nice one...

Sleepless in Seattle
Why the hell would Tom Hanks do such asinine movie?

Remember the Titans
Nice one...Denzel Washington was really nice

Thank you for smoking
Nice one!...teaches you to negotiate :)

Slap her, she is French
Worth a look if you are a blonde...stupid and in your early teens

Zinda (Hindi)
First half was superb...then it was pathetic...Yes, I know its a remake of

Taare Zameen par
It was nice because it was a different movie...we humans have this thing...we will like things which is different ...

Resident Evil - I, II and III
I liked the third one

Jerry Maguire

Shrek 3