Friday, December 28, 2007

Guy of small things...

Big things are important. They help you steer from happiness or misery in one shot...but this post is not about them. This one is for the joy of small things.

This one is for...

1. Treading on unknown path - asking way from people and reaching to places ...
I dont have a very good sense of directions and so I seldom take unknown ways...but when I have time I like doing this...may be unconsciously it helps keep the traveler inside me.

2. Siting in Sun and scribbling my right now...I am the "Winter guy" - sitting in Sun and dreaming - fav past time ;)

3. Seeing her cry over an emotional movie - and feeling tears in my own eyes

4. Looking in the playful eyes of Aakshun...and enjoying his dance on Dhoom song

5. Roaming endlessly and aimlessly in markets - enjoying the stillness and vibrancy - local delicious cuisines always there to rev it up

6. Finding a thousands note in my old wallet!

7. Winning over a bank (read HSBC) and getting the due money back (with an apology!!!)

8. Selling old phone at good planning the entire thing well..

The list is long...and I relish all of them...the bottomline is...Not only am I the "BIG MOMENTS GUY" - I am also the "GUY OF SMALL THINGS"

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Top 10 moments that made my 2007

Well that time of the year is here, when you want to scribble some thoughts on what you did right and what you will do in next year...though my that list is personal but I thought I should write and acknowledge some of the moments which I enjoyed and will cherish for long times.
So here it goes...


Lolita - The book.
Also the song - One thing by Finger Eleven. - which has become by dreaming song

Launch of my own website on 27th November and thus making the day extra special :)

Getting to know (Almost!) some very unique and interesting people at HCL throughout the year...

Yashi (sharing knowledge on some really interesting things)
Bokul (forcing me to download songs for her - violating all legal rights)
Sameer (those discussions for anything over cigarettes)
MAJ (and getting to learn and unlearn some of really unimaginable things)
Robin (cracking jokes on almost everyone in office with his sharp wit)
Pankaj Mahajan (for lots of learning on things I would never know exists!!!)

Those countless people I met because of my job (~wink wink~)


Visit to Chandigarh

Got to work with Shiv Nadar closely and experience his vision about India and ended with a great mail by Shiv Nadar acknowledging our efforts for Tech Hub Inauguration...WOW!


Meeting Kalra after some 4 years - and reliving those days which made us some bit of what we are. It also reminded me of what makes the guy a special one.

For the wonderful time I have had so far with Megha, Rajit, Ankita and Aakriti. Hope to have more if it in 2008 :)

Here is 3 cheers to all that shopping spree to Sarojini, Watching match in Shangrila, Watching horror movies , Driving all the way to watch some dead talaab in Gurgaon, etc etc.


Seeing Aakshun growing up into the most mischievous child !

Well all the above is there because of someone's being there - but this is because someone was not there on 14th December

My Birthday celebration

Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Dancer" Anshul

"Hey, but you are a good dancer, why don't you dance anymore?"

Simple question put to me - often by freinds.

Tough answer - for me to give - so most of the times I evade it by using humor.

It seems impossible for me to imagine my self performing in front of people - and shouts of encore.

Today - Anshul - the techy
Yesterday - Anshul - the dancer

And that first performance - all that challenge and me overcoming so many hurdles just to prove myself and winning away the first prize - and that confidence of having defeated some people. Oh.That was fun! Will never forget that night.

I wonder when was the last time I was so passionate about anything.
Waking up to reach college and there thinking of dance steps to fit into the beats by tapping the desk.
Coming back to start the music to see if the beats and dance fall together.
Practicing for hours alone with no one around - in a small tape (that too borrowed from people)...sweating at 2 in the night in December in Varanasi winters - coming back to bed and just dying to be woken up at the last minute for college.

I think - dance was the first think I did with heart and mind together.

And then winning at IIT K !

I miss so much - all the tears and hardwork - all that efforts to better my last performance - all that idea of introducing expression dancing , all that efforts to be a winner everytime - it was fun.

And then nothing remained. I dont know whether I let it die or it just died. May be it was not meant to be taken forward. I managed to leave all that overnight.

But well - everything is not dead - those 3 years of dance proved to me that I can do anything if I actually want - just anything. And I guess that is what matters. So, am I justified in saying that I still am a dancer - because I have managed to put that passion untouched and still alive - somewhere in my self?